Catholic Music Spotlight: Interior Castle

Two young women named Joanna Grennan and Emma Fradd started a band.  It’s called Interior Castle.(Pause for Saint Teresa of Avila fan girl moment.) Jo and Emma mix the beauty of guitar and vocals into a beautiful combination of poetic lyrics and gorgeous music.  
They describe themselves as “One girl with a fringe, one without.  One from Australia, one from England.  One girl who sings and plays guitar, one girl who plays guitar and sings.”
The band started when the two gals met in 2013.  So far, three singles have hit
the musical scene, the first called “Finished Dreaming,” which came out in October
of 2014.  Then in January of 2015, “Listen & Talk” burst out onto the interwebs.
Finally, “Get Me Free” just hit playlists near you in April of this year.  
Currently they tour all over the United Kingdom and at the end of this year,
they’ll release their full album. 
interior castle
You’ll like them if you like: Mumford and Sons, Lumineers, and Passengers.
Fun fact, which will make you fall in love with these girls even more….Emma’s
brother is Matt Fradd, the executive director of and, a huge name in the Catholic world and advocate for the dignity of the human person.  

Their single ‘Get Me Free’ also has an official video, full of gorgeous sunset shots, frolics in the ocean with drums, amazing harmonies and Australian and English accents – can it get any better? 
So enjoy these beautiful songs and join me as I wait anxiously on the edge

of my seat for their new album to hit the market.