21 Things I Learned Before 21


When I was five years old, I always thought of twenty-one as the year where you actually became an adult.  At that age you were tall, had life figured out, and your driver’s license faced a different way.  Well, I turn twenty -one here in less than forty-eight hours.  I’m still short, I by no means have it all figured out, and I’m dreading the trip to the DMV.  However, I have learned quite a bit before my twenty-first.

1) Never underestimate the little things

2) Life lived outside of your comfort zone is pretty incredible

3) Trusting God is one of the scariest and most rewarding things possible

4) Christ-centered friendships are a necessity of life

5)  Discernment takes action

6) Your family is always there but that doesn’t mean you can neglect them or take them for granted

7) It’s okay to admit that you need help sometimes

8) Comparison is the thief of joy

9) Life is too short to start being a saint tomorrow

10) Your life won’t look like Pinterest and that’s perfectly fine.

11) Be yourself – God doesn’t make mistakes.

12) Your taste buds do actually change (thank you mom) and spinach is much better in your twenties than it was in middle school.  Trust me – just throw some cheese on it.

13) You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a sunset from the top of a mountain.

14) Change the oil in your car.  Or, have do it the way I do and have someone change it for you.  Either way – change it.  Your engine (and wallet) will thank you.

15) Mom was also right about flossing.  And mouthwash while we’re at it.

16) People are messy, but God is so much bigger than any mess..

17) Silence is a necessity for conversation with God – and by conversation I mean where you listen more than you talk.

18) There is no situation that an hour in adoration does not make incredibly better.

19) Don’t ever be afraid to speak to truth (with kindness).  You may be the only one brave enough to talk first, but there may be others just waiting for someone to say the first word.

20) Conquer your fear. Even if it’s something ridiculous as fish (stop judging I can sense it through the screen) and conquering your fear means walking through an aquarium and looking at catfish.

21) Trust God and Be Not Afraid (Okay, that’s really two things, but are you really going to argue with a JPII quote?)

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