His Pursuit

Imagine being with the person of your dreams.  He or she is wonderful. He know how to make you think, but not feel unintelligent around them.  She is beautiful, and never forgets to tell you are attractive to her as well.  He make you laugh, but can be serious when the situations calls for a well-rounded perspective.

Not only loves you – but likes you.  Has made the active decision to be with you totally, freely, faithfully and fruitfully.  You’re always on his mind.  She thinks about how every decision that is made will affect the both of you.

If relationships could be measured by the amount of time spent putting someone else before oneself, this relationship would be a ten out of ten.

Tremendous Lover

Then you ruin it.  You do something unbelievably selfish, burn bridges, and then say it wasn’t your fault.  You didn’t trust them.  You thought you could do better alone.  They don’t know everything.  They don’t know who you really are and what you really need.

Fear wist not to evade as Love wist to pursue.
Across the margent of the world I fled,

But it doesn’t matter.  They still love you.  They spend night and day figuring out how to love you back. How to save you from the mess you created. How to give you chance after chance after chance to come back and be who you were before you fell away.

From those strong Feet that followed, followed after. But with unhurrying chase, and unperturbed pace, deliberate speed, majestic instancy they beat—and a voice beat more instant than the feet— “All things betray thee, who betrayest Me.”

Yet since you walked away, your vision has been clouded.  You begin to question how in the world someone could love you so much after all of the junk you have done.  You’re not worth it.  So you run not only from something that could give you joy, but you shun it.  Hide from it.  Despise it.

You look for that love in things that will not satisfy. Things.  People.  You invert what love is meant to be.

“People are meant to be loved and things were made to be used.  The confusion in this world is that people are used and things are loved.” This quote is accredited to many people, but it rings true regardless of the origin.

Alack, thou knowest not how little worthy of any love thou art! Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee, save me, save only me?

That doesn’t hinder your lover.  Even though your lack of interest stabs them through the heart, they still want you – and want you to want them back.

Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble the, save Me, save only Me?

This is the love our God has for us.  That God has for you specifically. He has loved you with an everlasting love.  Loved you so much that He knows the count of hair on your head.  Which is a fact that is pretty impressive, given the fact that it is your head, and you don’t even know the count of hair on your own head.

He loves you despite your sin – but even more importantly, He wants to love you out of your sin.  He hung on a cross for you, and felt the weight of all your sin as He struggled for breath.  For you.  While you were still a sinner.

I stand amid the dust o’ the mounded years – my mangled youth lies dead beneath the heap.My days have crackled and gone up in smoke, have puffed and burst as sun-starts on a stream.

He waits for us to come back to Him after we left.  He never moves – He waits with open arms.  He sends signs of His love for us throughout our day.  Rainy nights to help us fall asleep.  Your favorite song on the radio on your way to work.  A friend stopping by for an unexpected visit.

He pursues you.

Ah, fondest, blindest, weakest, 
I am He whom thou seekest! Thou dravest love from thee, who dravest me.”

Will you love Him in return?

Si vis amari ama,
Italicized quotes from “Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thompson 

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