Seven Quick Takes Friday

Mystery of the Universe #1: Why is it that guys’ cologne can smell good for hours on end, but I put on perfume and literally it’s gone after three seconds.
This article about what things to consider before marriage is phenomenal – I love the references back to the Hebrew words concerning love.
My baptism anniversary was Tuesday and Mom and Dad gave me a great book.  “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.  Her writing is so beautiful, it’s like reading a poem.  The message of the books is just as beautiful.  So far I’m on chapter three and I’ve already cried and laughed.  Very much worth the read.
Summer is winding down, just in time for school to start.
The countdown begins today – I have 18 days before I start the
last semester of sophomore year. 
Guys, I’m almost halfway done with my undergrad.
Cue the confetti drop and wheel out the eighteen foot banana split.
Next week I’m headed out of town to help on a
Teens Encounter Christ weekend.  It’s my fourth
time with this retreat, and I actually have been asked
to give a talk on the Trinity.  I’ll post the talk after
that weekend.  Prayers that I don’t fall all
over myself and completely mess up 🙂
I’ve also been reading Dannah Gresh’s book
Get Lost. Wow, this is a book that has every message
that I’ve needed to hear.  Favorite quote so far:
“I’m certain that a part of you desperately wants to get lost in God’s love. 
At least some small piece of us always seems to be aware that we are wired
to seek God’s heart and let Him touch our own.  But it’s so difficult. 
After all, the love of a guy is so stinkin’ tangible.  You can see a guy.
Smell a guy.  Touch a guy.  Text a guy. Get gifts from a guy.
And they are everywhere! There are more than 139 million men
in the Untied States alone.  No wonder we get distracted from seeking God’s love!”
Needless to say, this book gets my recommendation.
If you have extra time this weekend,
this website has podcasts from Father Mike Schmitz.
He works at the Newman Center for University of Minnesota Duluth.
You may have heard him on one of the Lighthouse CDs
in the kiosks in the back of your church. 
Phenomenal, solid Catholic talks – check them out.
God bless and have a great weekend!
Chloe M.


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