So, our TAP retreat was cancelled because
of a scheduling issue with the host of the weekend.
Its okay though, since I’ll still have an opportunity
to see everyone that I was looking forward to meeting up
with again this weekend at another event.

Youth group Bible study tonight!
We’re bringing doughnuts, which
automatically means we will have quite
a few new best friends.  Everybody
loves the bearers of food, you know.

Homecoming weekend!
I’ve never been to homecoming of any
sort, so this is all new to me.  Unfortunately
because of work schedule, the only event
I’m going to be able to make it to is
the parade tomorrow morning.
It’ll be tons of fun though!!

We’ve been writing a lot of interesting
papers in Freshman composition. This week’s
paper is based on the comparison and contrast of
craft beer vs. factory beer.  The guy who sits
next to me thought it was hysterical that
I selected that topic, since he knew I obviously
have no experience with anything concerning beer.
He then advised that I go out this weekend and sample
some for research purposes.  No thank you, sir.  That’s
quite all right.

We’ve been studying long term
memory in Psychology this week.
The sheer amount of 1980’s classic
rock lyrics that I know is
actually scaring me a little.

Family pictures this weekend!
I’ve been creepin’ on Pinterest to see
if I can find any inspiration.
I’ve decided that as long as it doesn’t
look like this, I’m okay.

As per my personal quick takes
tradition, here are my favorite
Catholic memes of the week:

The Dominican Habit

The Response Will Be...


Last one….

What Gamers See in Church

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