I know, I know.  It’s a Saturday.
Surprise!  You get an extra 7 quick takes treat
today then.  Really it’s because I had the craziest day
at work/school yesterday and this morning
is the soonest I could do this. 🙂

Speaking of work, I had the worst bank teller
pick-up line ever.  When I asked a younger guy
at my teller line if he needed the large amount
of money back a certain way, he said I
could throw it at him in increments of one dollar
bills, but he’d only take off his jacket.

Movie night with the youth group
tomorrow!  Best part of my weekend
that I’m looking forward to right there.
We’re going to be watching The
Count of Monte Cristo.  Time
spent with one of my favorite movies
with some of my favorite people.

My workload is actually pretty
light next week since I’m headed to TAP!
(Teens Encounter Christ Ambassador Program)
Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Yesterday, our class took a tour of
the study abroad office at our college.
I don’t know…..has anyone spent time in Ireland?
Or studying abroad in general?  Could you give
me some information/advice in whether or not
I should look into this?

I’m typing this up as I head out the door,
literally.  I’m working 10 hours today at
combined job locations.  At least I have
something really tasty for supper to look
forward to – Dad is making homemade ham and
boiled beans.  This will be perfect, beings that today’s
temperature is only supposed to get to the mid-40’s.
Our state weather has decided to skip fall and go directly into winter.

Quick takes wouldn’t be quick takes without my
favorite Catholic memes of the week!
Here they are for your viewing enjoyment.  Have a
great weekend guys!

Okay, last one 🙂

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