Be Mysterious – The Feminine Genius

What captivates the heart of a guy? What causes him to act, talk, and think differently? Fulton Sheen once said, “The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”  Women have a power…one that can be used for incredible good if simply appreciated and acted upon.
     Why should you be mysterious, especially in your relationships with guys?  The answer is pretty simple.  In order to understand the importance of a women’s mystery, you have to understand the significance of a man’s desire to pursue.
     Guys like to conquer things.  This is why multiple levels of video games MUST be accomplished in one setting.  It explains why food eating contests are still in existence.  It is also important to note the fact that, in the past, guys could feel that they accomplished something through physical labor.  They could go to the backyard and chop wood for the fire, or go cut hay for the winter.  In the current world, there is little need for physical, tiring labor.  The house can be heated by the turn of a switch, the animals are not raised by the average American, and girls can be picked up and used at any party.
     Wait a minute, what?  Yes, you heard me right (or read me right).  Girls are pretty easily accessible, especially on a college campus.  “Hooking up” is the thing to do.  Go to party, get drunk, have sex with a random guy, move on.  Easy steps, except for the last one.  Since girls are obviously going to be emotionally attached to a guy they just gave their very body to, there is a trail of broken hearts after a hook up…despite both parties adamant arguments against this pain.  Yet after a guy hooks up with a girl, does he stick around, make her breakfast, take her home to meet his mom and propose to her?  No.  In fact, he’s often gone before she even wakes up the next morning.
     Why?  Does he fear commitment?   Her possible pregnancy? His guilt drives him away?  Partially, but also he realizes that this is a girl who he cannot pursue.  She has already given him everything he could possibly hope to have physically, and there is no mystery about her.
     What does this mean for girls?  Are we to walk around covered and unemotional, waiting for a guy to come sweep us of our feet and love us?  This isn’t quite the answer I’m looking for.  Practical purposes in mind, just be a lady.
     How are ways you can demonstrate the image of God in the feminine form?  Dress modestly.  Leave a little to the imagination.  When a guy sees you in a blouse down to here and skirt up to there, he isn’t thinking about what your favorite color is, or if you like dogs vs. cats.  To put it bluntly, he’s already picturing you naked in his mind.  Do you want to walk around and have guys possessing a mental image of your naked body?  I don’t know about you, but my answering is a resounding N-O.
     Be respectful to guys.  Don’t treat them like their mentally underdeveloped apes.  (They are not, by the way.)  They are the image of God!  Don’t joke around about how stupid they are, how physically/easily turned on they can be, or how they just don’t know anything at all.  Guys are different than girls, but they are not lower on the totem pole in God’s mind.  When a guy sees that a girl genuinely respects him, he will in turn make an effort to genuinely respect her.   It’s a win-win scenario.

     So wear clothes that show who YOU ARE, not what your body looks like.  Treat all guys as brothers in Christ.  Have an air of mystery about you.  The attention you’ll get from guys is going to be the good kind…which is the only kind we really want anyway.  

God bless!

Chloe M. 

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