So, our TAP retreat was cancelled because
of a scheduling issue with the host of the weekend.
Its okay though, since I’ll still have an opportunity
to see everyone that I was looking forward to meeting up
with again this weekend at another event.

Youth group Bible study tonight!
We’re bringing doughnuts, which
automatically means we will have quite
a few new best friends.  Everybody
loves the bearers of food, you know.

Homecoming weekend!
I’ve never been to homecoming of any
sort, so this is all new to me.  Unfortunately
because of work schedule, the only event
I’m going to be able to make it to is
the parade tomorrow morning.
It’ll be tons of fun though!!

We’ve been writing a lot of interesting
papers in Freshman composition. This week’s
paper is based on the comparison and contrast of
craft beer vs. factory beer.  The guy who sits
next to me thought it was hysterical that
I selected that topic, since he knew I obviously
have no experience with anything concerning beer.
He then advised that I go out this weekend and sample
some for research purposes.  No thank you, sir.  That’s
quite all right.

We’ve been studying long term
memory in Psychology this week.
The sheer amount of 1980’s classic
rock lyrics that I know is
actually scaring me a little.

Family pictures this weekend!
I’ve been creepin’ on Pinterest to see
if I can find any inspiration.
I’ve decided that as long as it doesn’t
look like this, I’m okay.

As per my personal quick takes
tradition, here are my favorite
Catholic memes of the week:

The Dominican Habit

The Response Will Be...


Last one….

What Gamers See in Church

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

No, it’s not Christmas.  (Although I’m definitely looking forward to that!) It’s fall.  Beautiful, wonderful, see-God-in-every-minute Fall.

Here are some of my favorite things going on in this season that I just have to share with you.

Number One: It’s leaf spinning time.  Not leaves spinning to the ground.  Me, spinning with leaves falling.  Here is a photographic demonstration.  I remember doing this a lot as a kid.  I’d rake all of the leaves into a gigantic pile and just throw them everywhere.  We have family pictures this weekend.  I will absolutely be doing this pose.

Number two: Comfy sweaters.  I live for comfy sweaters.  I pull out my sweaters in August out of anticipation.  I am absolutely positive that everyone who knows me secretly laughs at the fact that I am always cold.  Yet fall gives me an excuse to layer up.  Some girls you may know will look for sweaters that that you can still see their figure in?  Me…no.  That sweater that looks like a gigantic piece of knitted blanket with sleeves?  Yep, its hanging in my closet right now.  Long live shapeless sweaters.

Number three: Coffee.  Oh how I adore it.  Just like sweaters, I keep hot coffee around all year long.  It’s a nightly ritual around our house to simply brew a huge pot of coffee at 11:00 pm at night and sit around and talk before we go to bed.  Sure, we are so hyped up on caffeine that none of us really go to sleep until 1:00 am, but still.  Coffee.  Even better is pumpkin coffee. Yes, this includes a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but I’m talking about the ground coffee infused with magical pumpkin goodness. This is fall…

Number four: All Saints Eve.  We’ve never done Halloween around here, but we dress up as our favorite saint and see if we can get siblings and parents to guess who we are.  Needless to say, I haven’t picked out what saint I am going to be this year.  Hmmm….put that on the ever growing to do list!

Number five: Open windows.  This may sound like the dorkiest thing you have ever read, but I love waking up to a cold house.  I love having to set my alarm early twenty minutes so that I can spend that time crawling out from under all my blankets and into the cold room.  To some this may seem a horrible and miserable inconvenience   To me it is an incredible sign that fall is here and winter is coming!!

Number six: Football!  Guys, I’ve really been getting into this lately.  I used to be the person who had no idea what was going on in football but still liked the experience.  Now I’m the person who knows a small percent of a smidgen about football and still like the experience.  

Number seven: Cold apple cider. To some this seems so wrong.  ‘What?  You don’t heat up your apple cider?!”  No.  No I do not.  I do, however, love cold apple cider.  Even more I love apple cider slushies.  Yes, they do exist. Your welcome , your life is now complete.

Number eight: Holy cow, I love jeans.  For the same reason that I love sweaters.  And yes, of course, I wear jeans all year.  Fall and Winter is when I can really go jean crazy, though.  Colored jeans, textured jeans, boot cut, skinny, you get the point.

Number nine:  Beautiful leaves.  Every time I drive home from work I am positive that red leaves are my favorite.  Then I see an absolutely stunning yellow or orange tree and my favorite alliance switches just like that.  I’ll just like them all.

Number ten:  Leftovers.  I love me a good Thanksgiving feast.  But even more I love cold turkey sandwiches (with cold apple cider!) and sneaking bites between games and parades later after dinner.  I would say I love leftover pie, but my house doesn’t have “leftover pie” in it’s vocabulary.   

And that’s what I love about fall!

God bless!

Chloe M. 

I know, I know.  It’s a Saturday.
Surprise!  You get an extra 7 quick takes treat
today then.  Really it’s because I had the craziest day
at work/school yesterday and this morning
is the soonest I could do this. 🙂

Speaking of work, I had the worst bank teller
pick-up line ever.  When I asked a younger guy
at my teller line if he needed the large amount
of money back a certain way, he said I
could throw it at him in increments of one dollar
bills, but he’d only take off his jacket.

Movie night with the youth group
tomorrow!  Best part of my weekend
that I’m looking forward to right there.
We’re going to be watching The
Count of Monte Cristo.  Time
spent with one of my favorite movies
with some of my favorite people.

My workload is actually pretty
light next week since I’m headed to TAP!
(Teens Encounter Christ Ambassador Program)
Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Yesterday, our class took a tour of
the study abroad office at our college.
I don’t know…..has anyone spent time in Ireland?
Or studying abroad in general?  Could you give
me some information/advice in whether or not
I should look into this?

I’m typing this up as I head out the door,
literally.  I’m working 10 hours today at
combined job locations.  At least I have
something really tasty for supper to look
forward to – Dad is making homemade ham and
boiled beans.  This will be perfect, beings that today’s
temperature is only supposed to get to the mid-40’s.
Our state weather has decided to skip fall and go directly into winter.

Quick takes wouldn’t be quick takes without my
favorite Catholic memes of the week!
Here they are for your viewing enjoyment.  Have a
great weekend guys!

Okay, last one 🙂

Theology major….or major issues?

Discerning Decisions….

No, I’m not thinking about entering a convent.  Sorry, had to get that out there, as that situation is what the word “discerning” connotes for most Catholics on the vocational journey.

Actually, in comparison, my “discernment” is much more low key.  It’s the decision on what I wish to declare a major in during my college career.  So, what is boils down to is an attempt to answer the question, “What do I want to do with my life?”

I have run through the major thought process several times during my life.  When I was in grade school, I was positive I would be a forensic specialist, FBI style.  I have since found out that my aversion to blood would probably hinder great performance in this area.  Yet it still sparks my interest, and I actually am hoping to take a forensics class in my spring semester.  The next career I juggled for a while was neonatal nurse.  Once again, blood and nursing kind of go hand in hand, which means my hand is on the door.  So, after racking my brain and spending some time on my knees, I decided to let go and let God.

Let me tell you something: this is so much harder than you think.  I have had to tell multiple people multiple times a day, “No, I don’t know what I’m studying.  I’m actually an undecided major, so I’m studying everything and nothing all at the same time.”  This, for me, has been ridiculously terrifying.  I know all of the statistics that say it is in my benefit to not declare a major, but I still am enough of a proud control freak that I want to say confidently, “I’m majoring in ______, and here is my life plan!” Not yet, it seems.  I believe God is trying to teach me something here.  It’d be nice if I could learn my lesson quicker.

Yet, during this last semester of Freshman year,  I have been thinking a lot.  (I’m told this is a common ailment induced by collegiate life.)  What have I been thinking about, you might ask.  Theology.  The study of God.  Once again, refer to the first paragraph in this post, it does not mean that I am interested in the religious life.  It does not mean that I wish to be unemployed my entire career.  It simply means that I want to spend my life doing something that will help me assist people on the way to Heaven.

So, naturally I thought that I would simply do the transfer waltz into my Catholic dream college and automatically major in Theology with a high school level teaching emphasis.  In fact, I have actually tossed that exact wordage out to my close friends and family, only to have the majority of them confirm that it does indeed sound like something that God can use me in.

Then I sit down and think, stopping myself from getting caught up into the whirlpool of finally deciding what I want to be when I grow up.  I sincerely have a horrible temper.  Not that this can be remedied, since with God even the impossible becomes possible, but I don’t think that high school level theological studies would be a good fit.

For instance, I know that I could think I would be making an impact in these kid’s lives, but in all reality, theology would be a required course in any high school that I taught at, and the kids would more than likely hate me for presenting them with the Catholic truth.  There I would be, excited as all get out, only to be greeted with looks of boorish distaste from my students.

Granted, this could not be the case.  I could teach at a school where my students would be incredibly excited to learn about the faith in order to better equip them to teach it in return.  Unfortunately, that school would be a seminary.  I am leaning towards that not being a good fit, either – due partially to my gender and age.

So, I’m back to square one and a half.  I know that I love theology and the fact that I could learn about my subject for the rest of my life and still not know everything is intriguing.  Yet I know that no matter where I teach the subject, I will always have students who despise the class, who would rather not be there, and who are determined to lose every participation point possible.    

To you, my dear readers, I turn and cry for assistance.  Do you have any ideas/careers in which I, as a young Catholic woman, could apply a theology degree?  (These must exclude teaching/journalistic writing.)  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.  

God bless (and have an absolutely amazing weekend)!

Chloe M. 

Party of One?

I feel really old.  Yesterday night, my sisters and I were looking at the seminarian poster for our diocese and I realized that there are five or six guys there who are MY age.  My age!! These guys have taking the incredible courage to say “yes” to discerning a vocation to be a priest, and here I sit, feeling like I’m caught in limbo.

     Don’t get me wrong.  I am enjoying being single.  There are a ridiculous multitude of benefits.  For instance, I don’t have to try to fit dates into my ridiculously busy schedule.   I don’t have to deal with the drama that inevitably comes with a relationship.  Most importantly, I have time to learn about myself and not be afraid of my own company – to be able to really sift through who I am as a child of God.  I also have time to do things for the Lord.  For instance, I write this blog (ha! sometimes!), which I think would fall even more to the wayside (wow, would that even be possible?) if I was in a relationship.

     On the other hand, do not get me wrong.  I am enjoying my time of singleness, but I am not wanting to stay here forever.  I eventually would be incredibly flattered if a great Catholic guy came into my life, pursued me for who I am as a person, and saw that the best way for both of us to get to Heaven would be to get each other there together. 

     Yet at the same time, I know that the time for me to be in a relationship probably isn’t the best right now.  Every night I feel burnt out after a 15 credit hour course load and two part time jobs.  I also know that I’m not ready to discern a vocation to marriage for the simple fact that I myself am not ready to get married.  I’m not ready to be a wife (can you imagine? That poor guy!) and I am definitely not ready to become a mother. Since the only dating I’m going to be doing is with a guy who I can see myself marrying, I don’t need to be quite as concerned with this relationship yet.

     Not to say that I can’t have feelings for some great Catholic guys in my life right now.  (As well as great Catholic guys who don’t know I exist.)   Yet this “season of singleness” can be used to channel those emotions into prayer and action.  Praying for the guys who I am struggling with and their vocations, along with their future vocations.  Praying for my future husband and whatever he is struggling with right now.  Working on becoming the person I would want to marry.  Spending time with the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament in prayer for all vocations.  It’s not a time of wallowing in my own self-pity, but a time for becoming the best version of the person God created me to be.

     After all, it is a much more attractive girl who is content in who she is in God than to be the girl who is always known as looking for the next guy to make her feel cherished.  

     So I’m working on being content where I am and waiting on the Lord’s timing.  Pray for me, will you?  It’s a tough journey – totally worth it – but tough nonetheless

God bless!

Chloe M.  

What is this thing called friendship?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been reading/listening to Jason Evert quite a bit lately.  I love it!  The more I listen to the concepts of theology of the body, the more and more I fall in love with God and His incredible plan!

I have actually been thinking a lot about the idea of friendship a lot lately – and it’s importance in the dating situations.  How crazy is it that with almost every relationship with guys that us girls have, we have to find a way to turn it partially into an emotion fest?  For instance:

“Wow, I really like _______(insert guy’s name here) because he is has such an amazing heart for kids.  What a great friend……he’d make a good dad.  Hmmmm……”


“I really like hanging out with ____________ (insert guy’s name here) because I can just talk to him without worrying about drama. Oh my word, what is he doing spending all his time with that other girl?”

See what I mean?  Great basis – friendship, but we still want to control them.  We want them all to ourselves.  Here is the thing ladies.  You do not need to be best friends with all the guys in hopes that one of them will value your stellar personality, beautiful soul, and stunning features.  You need to be friends with guys AND girls because we are all created in the image of God.

So what do you do when your emotions start to drag down the friendship aspect of your relationship with the guys in your life? I have uncovered a great trick for this dilemma.  Let me share the secret with you:

If God is calling you to the vocation of marriage, somewhere out there (in the great unknown, in a galaxy far, far away….just kidding!) there is your future husband.  He’s real.  He does exist.  He’s got ups and downs in life, and may be struggling with things at the moment.  Take it in, since every once and a while it really hits me…..he’s real!  He really is out there!  I never realized it was possible….to love a guy so much and I haven’t even met him yet.  Or, of course, I do know him but I just know him as a friend. 

I digress.  Anyway, somewhere out there, I’m sure other girls are finding my future guy pretty handsome.  (Pff, of course, who wouldn’t!)  Some may be getting pretty emotionally involved with him, too.  So, out of respect to my future marriage,  I would want them to look and interact with him in all purity.  This does not mean “Oh, I’m not going to have emotions because guys are bad and liking them will send me to Hell.”  No! Purity means “How can I help all around me get to Heaven?” 

So, if I’m hoping and praying for the girls around my guy to act with all purity, I owe it to them to treat their future husbands with dignity and purity, too.  I know a lot of great Catholic guys, maybe none of which I will not marry, since they are some other lucky girl’s guy (or the Church’s, if the priesthood is their vocation.).  So, I must treat all guys as brothers in Christ – with not a hint of lust in my heart. 

In this way, I can walk to the altar to my groom and say “Love, I did it…here is my whole heart that I saved for you.  Here is my whole body that I saved for you.  Here is all of me…not parts of me. “

Can’t wait!  Until then, I have this blessed time of singleness to grow close to the Lord and the Church.  A time for everything, a season for all things.

It’s going to be epic though…just saying!

God bless and have a wonderful weekend,

Chloe M.

Be Mysterious – The Feminine Genius

What captivates the heart of a guy? What causes him to act, talk, and think differently? Fulton Sheen once said, “The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”  Women have a power…one that can be used for incredible good if simply appreciated and acted upon.
     Why should you be mysterious, especially in your relationships with guys?  The answer is pretty simple.  In order to understand the importance of a women’s mystery, you have to understand the significance of a man’s desire to pursue.
     Guys like to conquer things.  This is why multiple levels of video games MUST be accomplished in one setting.  It explains why food eating contests are still in existence.  It is also important to note the fact that, in the past, guys could feel that they accomplished something through physical labor.  They could go to the backyard and chop wood for the fire, or go cut hay for the winter.  In the current world, there is little need for physical, tiring labor.  The house can be heated by the turn of a switch, the animals are not raised by the average American, and girls can be picked up and used at any party.
     Wait a minute, what?  Yes, you heard me right (or read me right).  Girls are pretty easily accessible, especially on a college campus.  “Hooking up” is the thing to do.  Go to party, get drunk, have sex with a random guy, move on.  Easy steps, except for the last one.  Since girls are obviously going to be emotionally attached to a guy they just gave their very body to, there is a trail of broken hearts after a hook up…despite both parties adamant arguments against this pain.  Yet after a guy hooks up with a girl, does he stick around, make her breakfast, take her home to meet his mom and propose to her?  No.  In fact, he’s often gone before she even wakes up the next morning.
     Why?  Does he fear commitment?   Her possible pregnancy? His guilt drives him away?  Partially, but also he realizes that this is a girl who he cannot pursue.  She has already given him everything he could possibly hope to have physically, and there is no mystery about her.
     What does this mean for girls?  Are we to walk around covered and unemotional, waiting for a guy to come sweep us of our feet and love us?  This isn’t quite the answer I’m looking for.  Practical purposes in mind, just be a lady.
     How are ways you can demonstrate the image of God in the feminine form?  Dress modestly.  Leave a little to the imagination.  When a guy sees you in a blouse down to here and skirt up to there, he isn’t thinking about what your favorite color is, or if you like dogs vs. cats.  To put it bluntly, he’s already picturing you naked in his mind.  Do you want to walk around and have guys possessing a mental image of your naked body?  I don’t know about you, but my answering is a resounding N-O.
     Be respectful to guys.  Don’t treat them like their mentally underdeveloped apes.  (They are not, by the way.)  They are the image of God!  Don’t joke around about how stupid they are, how physically/easily turned on they can be, or how they just don’t know anything at all.  Guys are different than girls, but they are not lower on the totem pole in God’s mind.  When a guy sees that a girl genuinely respects him, he will in turn make an effort to genuinely respect her.   It’s a win-win scenario.

     So wear clothes that show who YOU ARE, not what your body looks like.  Treat all guys as brothers in Christ.  Have an air of mystery about you.  The attention you’ll get from guys is going to be the good kind…which is the only kind we really want anyway.  

God bless!

Chloe M.