This morning at Mass, Father gave
an excellent homily on how we don’t
really know God….a.k.a., watch for it
in a future post.

I have to fill out a questionnaire for one
of the organizations I’m getting involved with on campus.
You answer ten questions and they match
you with a upperclassman  mentor.  Some of
the questions are ridiculous.  “What is
your favorite place on earth?”  The moon.
Seriously, I put that down

In case you missed it, my blog anniversary
giveaway is under way!  Here is the link to
it, click if you want to win some goodies!

Getting super excited for the first
day of classes…countdown: seventeen days.
I go to pick up the last two books I need
in a week.  Twice this week I’ve stopped
to sit down and realized life is going by
way to fast.  How did I go from twelve years
old and wishing I could just grow up
to eighteen years old and wishing I could be
twelve again?

In Steubenville, the acronym
“ACTS” was given to help us in daily
prayer.  You basically go through
adoration, contrition, thanksgiving
and supplication.  It’s been really helpful
in my prayer life….it’s nice to have structure
versus me sitting down, getting bored and
spending my prayer time asking God for
stuff I “need”

I’ve been making pillowcase
dresses for Miss Sofie.  I bought
enough material and supplies to make
one dress and it cost me $12.00.  The
next day, the items to make the dress
went on sale, so I bought enough to
make three more dresses.  I don’t know
what is harder…deciding on what colors
to make the dresses in or finding the time to
make them!  I’ll post some pictures
when I get done with all four of them.
It may be in December.

This blog post about NFP and
getting married is amazing.  Keep
Jackie and Bobbie in your prayers…
their wedding day is eight days away!  

God bless,
Chloe M. 

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