This weekend we are going to be praising
God, adoring Him in adoration and generally having
an amazing time.  Where can all of these wonderful
things happen at once?  STEUBENVILLE! 

After this weekend, I move into a crazy week.
With the combination of the three places that I
work at, about five people are taking vacation
at once…..enter the 45 hour work week.
Prayers are greatly appreciated.

We went on a hike/walk with our youth group
Tuesday night.  Full of mishaps, hysterical one-liners
and tons of bug bites, it was so nice to relax and
just walk.  Thanks guys!

Whoa.  Just looked at the e-mail and saw
that Old Navy is reducing all of their women’s sandals
to $6 for their sidewalk sale.  They are also giving
$15 off for $50 spent.  This basically means you can buy
eight pairs of $24 sandals for only $4.60 a piece.
If you go there and brave the madhouse,
I wear a size seven.  Seriously.

I finished an awesome book this week.
“Arms of Love” by Carmen Marcoux.  
It was really good, covering the story of a young
couple’s journey to marriage.  Does anyone own
the sequel, “Surrender”?  If so, what did you think?
On a more serious note, if you do get a chance
to think about those going on the Steubenville trip
this weekend, please send up a prayer for us.
It can be an amazing week, but prayer
back-up from people who know us makes this weekend

Watch for a giveaway!  I’m gearing
up for it by purchasing the prize items this weekend.

God bless you all, keep me in your prayers!

Chloe M. 

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  1. Hey Chloe! Our family owns Surrender. It's excellent. You know how Joanie discerns her call to marriage in Arms of Love? Well, in the second book, it's about married life, AND discerning religious life. It's a bigger book and has finer print than the first one, but that still didn't stop me from reading it in about 6 hours!


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