Know Some Good Books?

Look!  It’s me!  Actually posting something on the blog! It feels like every post I publish involves me starting out by apologizing for my lack of attentiveness.  Life has been crazy, and un-inspiring.  Same old, same old.

But, I do have a reason for writing today (other than to beat myself up for my laziness).  I have some books that I would love to get, and was wondering if my fellow blog readers have read them, what they thought of them, or if you have any other recommendations.

Book Number One:  The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years.

Written by Emily Stimpson, this is a book I have seen literally everywhere. I’ve had people on Catholic Answer Forums mention it and have also seen the author interviewed in the Catholic Register.  It looks really good…

Book Number Two: Arms of Love 
Another one that I have heard tons of good things about.  It’s by Carmen Marcoux, and instead of being the typical non-
fiction/advice book, it is a fiction novel about courtship, dating, romance and Catholicism.  It’s more on the expensive side though, so if you would recommend it, please let me know.

Book Number Three: Worth the Wait
Written by a combination of over a dozen Lifeteen authors, the book tackles subjects like “How far is too far?” and “What if he really likes me?” Part of me really wants to read it, yet at the same time, I have tackled those subjects on here before.  It’s new, but it seems more like a one time read.  I do love Lifeteen contributors  though.  

Book Number Four: Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World – A Guide for Catholics
Yet another book recommended by my friends on Catholic Answer Forums, this one looks really solid.  Someone has described it as the Catholic version of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris.  Yet on amazon, there are three less than flattering reviews about the book, saying it was offensive to Catholics.  There are also twenty some reviews who said it was one of the best books of this genre to read as a single Catholic.

Decisions, decisions.  Let me know if you have read any of these, or if you would recommend any of the same type that you have found helpful.  

God bless!

Chloe M.  

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  1. Woah, haven't been on here forever! Sorry if you don't get this comment, but I would recommend Arms of Love. It also has a sequel (Surrender) which is equally good, if not better. I loved the books and read them in probably less than a week! I think that Arms of Love really helped me to see the personal side to relationships with Jesus, and, of course, it's a romance novel with a good storyline. 🙂

    You prolly already have “How to Find a Soulmate Without Loosing your Soul” by the Everts… That's very well written. Or they also have their talk called “Romance without Regret” on youtube… Also good – similar to the book.

    Ria 🙂


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