We had an awesome Bible study
last Friday night where we were able to 

talk about the hardest aspect of defending
the Catholic faith was for each person.
It was a really great conversation – thanks
youth group!

I only have two Saturdays left this month where
I’ll be working eight hour days.  In June my
schedule goes down to just two Saturdays
a month where I have to work – and it’s only four hours!

I was at the gym watching TV and
ran across this special about the Hope Diamond.
Guys – it was awesome.  Plus, I realized how
much I love history.  Hmmm….college
major anyone?

Mother’s Day is this weekend – are you
ready?  Remember to thank your mom
for doing all she does.  Lifeteen
has some awesome articles.
I especially liked the letter to Mary thanking
her for being our mother.

For snapchat users:  Research
has come out that shows that your photos
aren’t actually deleted after ten seconds…
please use common sense and Christian
wisdom when sending pictures: Article

Do you know what is addicting?
Words With Friends.
Enough said.

Countdown to Freshman
Orientation: thirteen days!
Everyone in the blogging
world seems to be talking about
graduation….I’m just starting!

God bless,

Chloe M.  

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