It has been a long two weeks – thus my lack of posting.
We don’t get spring break, but everyone I work with does, so I
spent a lot of the past two weeks working extra to cover everyone who was gone. Yet the weekend doesn’t start ’til Sunday since I work all day Saturday, too 🙂

I cut all my hair off….again!
I had successfully been growing it out for about eight months,
but yesterday I went and chopped it all off back to a pixie cut.
It’s going to be so much easier to style for work and college
The end of April brings with it a scholarship
banquet.  Not only is it semi-formal, which I’ve
never been to such an event, but I’ve been warned
that I might have to give an acceptance speech.
Have any of you, dear readers, had to do this before?
If so, please enlighten me on what to say….I’m going blank here.
I actually have about four posts in the “edit” stage right now,
so I’m not totally slacking off….hopefully I can get one or two
of them finished for you to read this weekend.

Emma and Sophia’s birthday are Sunday and Tuesday.
Each birthday I make a cake that has to do with
either something they did that year or what they
are interested in.
Some ideas:
Sophia’s Tutu cake (since she wears her tutus all the
time and she is our dancer)

And Emma’s cake is secret, in case she reads the blog 🙂
I thought this pretty much summed things up:
I was tipped off to a new modest clothing site – http://www.modestpop.com.
They have some really cute, affordable, modest, affordable pieces!
Did I mention affordable?
Chevron Maxi
(this one is only $21.00) 

Gabby Skirt
(And this one is only $12.00!)

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

God bless,

Chloe M.  

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