That Was My Cross

This weekend’s Gospel was a Passion reading that we were all able to participate in.  Also aided by the thoughts of a Passion Play we had attended on Saturday, I had the following to reflect on:

The cross that Christ died on was meant for us.  You, me, each one of us has done so much wrong that we deserve to die and not go to Heaven at all.  We deserve the flogging that ripped Christ’s skin and left him unrecognizable and shunned.  We deserve the shame and curses that people hurled at Christ as He hung on the cross for them and all mankind.  Yet we don’t have to endure that.  We were granted salvation, an incredible gift considering that we do a pretty decent job at hurting God with our sins.

And what is our response?  We, like the crowds in Christ Passion, cry out “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” when we sin every day.  We then cry at the foot of the cross in sorrow when He dies for us.  I often am disgusted at the actions of the crowd when reading the Gospels, but this year it really hit me: That’s me.  That is me adding to the cross’s weight with my sins and then feeling guilty as Christ hangs on the cross for my wrongs.  

Do we deserve it? No.  Are we worth it?  Is the way you are living right now worth Christ dying for you?  Are your actions showing gratitude every day for a God that steps down from Heaven to become one of us – and then dies for the same people who nailed him to a cross?

The cross Christ hung from was meant for you – how can you show God that you love Him as He first loved us?

God bless you and be with you in this last week of Lent,

Chloe M. 

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