Shouldn’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t…
Changing our wording from duties to desire.

“I need to read my Bible.”
“I should go to Mass more often.”

“I guess I could pray more.”
“Man, I need to memorize more Bible verses.”

Need, should, would, could.  Words of obligation.  Words we often use when we talk about our faith life.  We should do this, we need to do this.  This speech is hurting our faith more than helping.

So, what do we need to stay instead?  Or what should be our outlook?  A sense of desire.  Christ died on the cross for us and gave up His life for people (including you and me) who sin daily and add weight to His cross.   Why don’t we want to spend time with Him?  Why don’t we desire to pick up the Bible and let His words speak to us?

Because we don’t have time for Him….or we don’t think we do.  First, we have to form a habit.  Good habits are always harder to form and keep than bad habits, unfortunately, so this might be a struggle at first.  But setting aside time for Bible reading in the morning, over lunch, afternoon, or night time is going to help your relationship with Christ.

It may just be fifteen minutes of saying “Good morning” to God and thanking Him for the ability to wake up and breathe.   But that is fifteen minutes that you have dedicated to Him. 

After a while, this time will become precious to you – that time where you can not only talk with God – but listen to Him.  If we sit in the “Classroom of Silence” (Matthew Kelly) then we can learn much more than when we tell God about all the things we “need.”

Set aside some time for God…..He gave us His Son, we should love giving Him a portion of the day.

God bless you and strengthen you this Lent,

Chloe M. 

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