I’m Alive in Christ

In the Bible, Christ proves He is the son of God by the miracles that He performed.  The most amazing of these miracles are the miracles of resurrection.  There are three instances of this miracle.  Let’s look at these three instances….and then apply them to our lives.

     Instance one:  Jarius’s daughter.  A little girl had died while her dad left to go get Jesus to heal her.  When Christ walked in the room, He told people to stop crying, she was just sleeping.  Her body was in fact still warm.  Where do we compare?  This is the point in our death to sin where we have committed little sins.  Our life with Christ is not headed in a downward spiral to….down there, but we have seen better days.
     Instance two: The widow’s son.  A widow’s son has died and is in the funeral procession to go be buried. When Christ sees the funeral crowd, he walks up and raises the son back to life.  Where do we compare?  This is when we have sunk a little deeper.  In fact, we are on the way to our own spiritual funeral. We have found ourselves trapped in sin, and all around us are getting ready to bury us.  

     Instance three: Lazarus.  If you ever think you can do nothing for the Lord, think again.  Your circumstances are not so bad – Lazarus, my friends, was dead!   In fact, writers from this time have told us that you would not even have recognized Lazarus, he was that decomposed.  Yet Christ raises him from the dead and his very life is a witness to the love of God.  In our lives, this is where sin has taken an incredible hold on us.  It is a sin that we have lived with for many years, so much so that it has become a part of our very identity.   If it something you describe yourself with when asked to introduce yourself.  

What does this boil down to?  Christ raised three people from the dead – each in a different state of decay.  Similarly, each one of us is in a different state of decay.  Christ can heal us from our little, seemingly meaningless sins, just as Christ can heal us from sins that are eating away at our very soul.  

Christ loves us and even death to grievous sins does not deter Him from trying to knock on our hearts and let us know the amazing love that He has for us.  He truly wants all of us in Heave with Him – we just have to ask forgiveness and strive to live so that our lives are a reflection of His amazing love for us.

God bless you all this Lent,

Chloe M.  

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