The Gift vs. The Giver

     Sometimes life can get dry.  It seems like we are going along our daily work day after day after day after day.   It can get old and can feel like we are stuck in a rut. 

     Equally, our prayer life can be like this too.  After that amazing day in adoration hour, we walk around feeling like we are best friends with God.  Yet after a while, the feeling of closeness falls away and prayer time becomes routine and done just for the sake of getting it over. 

     If this is you, don’t feel bad.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, goes through a dry spell in both day to day life and prayer life.  For example, Mother Teresa once said that she did not feel like she had an incredible spiritual life for fifty years.  Fifty years!  That didn’t stop her from accomplishing amazing things.

     God is the ultimate father.  Just like earthly fathers and father-figures, He loves to give His children gifts.  Either obvious, like a new baby in the family, or hidden, like the strength to get through a tough time, God never ceases to bless His children.   Yet the easy thing for His children to do would be to fall in love with not the Father, the giver of the gifts, but the gifts themselves.

     This is not truly loving God.  This actually can form into a type of idolatry when objects are placed before the provider of the objects.  When your Dad gives you a gift, he wants you to love the gift, but the giving should encourage a growth in the love of the giver.

     Never let the abundance of gifts that God gives you allow you to forget God Himself.

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

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