With the combination of Martin Luther
King Jr. Day on Monday,
a sick day on Wednesday and taking today
off from work (see more on #7), I only worked two days
this week – a.k.a., I feel very lazy.
Today is the March For Life in D.C.!
I went back in 2011 and it
was the experience of a lifetime.  Thank you
to all who are in attendance this year and let’s
pray abortion is stopped in the United States.

I taught my first piano and guitar
lesson yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I was nervous, but I quickly realized that
I not only love music, but I love teaching
music, too!

Which brings me to point four – I have
too many things that I like.  With senior year
fast drawing to a close, I’m trying to get some handle
on what I would possibly like to major in.
But I like too much: I like babies (neonatal nurse),
I like music (music teacher), and I love
writing this blog (English education/ Journalism).  That’s OK, for now I’ll just enjoy
getting to like all of them at once.
To aid in my major decision (no pun
intended) I have decided to rule out
what I don’t want to be.  So far I have
crossed off: Lion tamer, astrophysicist, runway
model and movie director.
Four job choices down, one hundred million
to go.
In other (non-significant) news, I
cut my bangs!  So now I have blunt bangs. 
I am still on the upward climb to
grow out my pixie cut, which feels like it
is taking forever. Anybody have any tips
for growing out hair?  The girl
who cuts my hair keeps trying to get me to
take hair-growth vitamins, but I haven’t
resulted to that……yet.
I am going to Winter Jam tonight with
some youth group friends in Kansas City.
It is going to be an incredible concert:
$10 gets you in the door to see almost ten
contemperary Christian bands, including
TobyMac!  It’ll be an awesome
night, and watch Mady’s blog for
a better update tomorrow, probably
complete with pictures, too.
God bless you all and happy Friday!

Chloe M. 



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  1. the best thing for growing out hair is to not have it cut as often. What I did and still do is I go bimonthly instead of every month and even then I just have its just a trim, just enough to get rid of split ends. It will take time. It has taken these last few years to get it to the length I have now since I had it cut short those few years ago, taking off 10 inches and donating it to locks of love. I thought cutting my hair would help with my headaches and migraines. Nope.


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