Good morning!  I’m sorry I didn’t post this last night, because I know you all were dying to know how the Catholic Campus Center went.  And I totally would have had it not been for a swollen, throat, a horrible cough, shallow breathing and my eyes glued shut by nasty stuff that doesn’t even have a name.  Yes, it’s flu season.  Yet the flu hit later last night, so I still went to the center.   

But enough about my flu, let’s talk about Sunday night!  I came in a bit early to introduce myself to the director of the center, meet some new people, and get a quick tour of the center.  This all went well, and all involved were incredibly welcoming!  We started the evening off with Mass.  (Which included a homily that I will post about tomorrow.)  We then headed to form teams for the Minute to Win It games.  

The games went very well – hey, you are talking to the fifth place winner here – and were a lot of fun to watch.  I felt like I fit in and wasn’t just the weird and awkward homeschooler.  Who looked like this: –> 
I was the only senior in highschool there and was worried about looking to young in comparison – but half the kids thought I looked old enough that I could be a senior in college – whoa, never got that one before!

The dinner conversations included: “So, which word of the new Mass translation is your favorite?” and “What is the line that you always mess up at during the Angelus?”  (So you know you are hanging out with Catholics when….)

All in all, I met some neat, Catholic people, who I hope to see on campus in the coming year and hang out with at the center regularly.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your prayers and assurance and tips.  They really did help and made the night a success.

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

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