Burden or Beauty to be Revealed?

” You also say ‘Oh! What a burden!’ and you scorn it, says the Lord of hosts.  You bring in what you seize, or the lame, or the sick.  Yes you bring it as a sacrifice.  Shall I accept it from your hands?  Cursed is the deceiver who has in his flock a male, but in his sacrifice offers the Lord a gelding.  For I am a King and I, says the Lord of Hosts, shall have my name be feared among the nations.”
                                 – Malachi 1:13-14
     Sometimes we can look upon our current vocation as a burden.  We are so caught up in anticipation of the beauty that is to be revealed that we fail to see the beauty around us now. 

     We then can find ourselves bringing crippled sacrifices.  We claim that we have given our whole selves to God, but we reserve a little for ourselves.  Yet how can God give us the best when we are keeping our best from Him?

     Instead of always looking towards the future in hopes of boyfriends, girlfriends, courtship, dates, proposals, and weddings, how about we look around and see the beauty of being single?  Have we realized the gift of having time to fully devote ourselves to the Lord? 
     Last night in my Bible time with God, I was just sitting there and talking with Him about things that had happened over the weekend.  Not talking AT Him, but WITH Him.  And I caught a glimpse of the peace that it feels like to give your entire love life over to God.  And let me tell you, it’s incredible. 

     This is an incredible time to strengthen our personal relationship with the most important person in our life : Christ.  Pope John Paul II said, “The more you cling to Jesus, the more capable you will become of being closer to one another.”  When your practice for loving another human being in a way you have never loved a human being before, who better to practice loving than Christ?  

     A three fold chord is not easily broken.  What an incredible bond you and your future spouse will find when you meet and are bound together by a common love of the Lord!
God Bless you all,
Chloe M. 

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