Living while you’re young?
The twisted message of YOLO

“I’m going to go to the party.  YOLO, right?” 

“I guess we can do that, just this once.  YOLO.”

“I never thought I would do that with you….but I guess I’m only young once.”

The hip, modern term of YOLO (you only live once) is never followed with something that makes your life better.  You’ll never hear someone saying, “I’ve decided to go to Mass everyday! YOLO!”  It is usually followed by something that translates into: “We’re young.  We’ve got our whole life in front of us.  It’s ok to commit some major sins, we might as well get it over now, right?”

Wrong.  In fact, it couldn’t be any more wrong at all.  Look at the messages the world is pushing at us.  Immorality.  Immodesty.  Disrespect.  Hatred.  To prove the point, let’s look at the hit songs of the summer:

“Last Friday Night.”  Without going into the offensive lyrics too much, Katy Perry encourages her listeners to go crazy, dance on tabletops, max out credit cards, and give yourself physically away to a stranger.  But it’s OK, because you are drunk and won’t remember it all.  Right?

One Direction sings about getting “some” and living like we’re young.  What exactly do they want “some” of?  Hint, it’s not skittles that they are singing about.  Using youth as an excuse to be impure shouldn’t be something we scream and sing about when some British boy band comes on the radio. 

Ah, Justin Bieber.  He sings about monopolizing a girl’s time while dancing around scantily clad girls at the swimming pool in the music video.  What exactly do seemingly most girls see in this guy?

Songs, media and peers will influence us to live while we’re young and do whatever feels good.  They also say you don’t have to worry about improving your faith life – there is always time for that when we’re older, when we have more time, and it can wait ’til later.

What if you don’t get a “later?”  God is wanting us to live with eternity in mind.  That means realizing that everything we do should be done for the glory of God.  Live everyday like it is your last.  We are loved by a God who will send His son back to earth one day.  It could be in two hundred years….it could be in two weeks.  Live with a knowledge of that.

After all, you only live once, you know.

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

Easy Way, Hard Way, Born This Way?
Understanding a popular argument.

     I have been thinking about this post for a long time.  It all started with a pro-life rally this Tuesday that my Dad attended.  In the crowd of pro-life supporters, there were four or five students from a high school across the street carrying pro-abortion signs.  One of the signs read, “Do gay babies have a right to life, too?”  This got me thinking.

     Some people have homosexual tendencies – not homosexual people, because homosexual tendencies is what they do, not who they are.  What they are is a child of the one true King.  They will say that they are born this way.  They say they were made to be homosexual, and they cannot deny who they are, it’s not their fault.  Some statistics seem to reveal that ten percent of the population was born with homosexual tendencies.  But is this a valid excuse?

     Perhaps if we look at this situation in the light that all of us were born with original sin and a tendency to not choose God.  Without God, we can’t do it – we revert back to what pleases self.  With God we strive to become selfless and walk with Him. 

     Some people are born with a genetic predisposition to become an alcoholic.  True fact – they have addictive personalities similar to their family history and are predisposed to easily become addicted to things, particularly  alcoholic beverages.  But does this mean that they can wander around at three am in the morning publicly intoxicated with no reprimand?  I don’t think the officer who is arresting me is going to take my slightly-drunk version of Lady Gaga’s words as a valid reason to let me out of the handcuffs. 

     A pre-disposition is not a free ticket – actually the opposite.  It is an ability to see where you are weakest and avoid those situations.  If you are genetically pre-disposed to be an alcholic, perhaps you should avoid excessive drinking.  We are all called to avoid occasions of sin, regardless of our particular vice.

     Each us is called to be pure.  ALL relations outside of marriage between a man and a woman is immoral and sins against God and His divine plan for our lives.  This is true regardless of sexual tendencies, gender, race, and age. 

     God has an amazing life planned for us if only we would say “No” to our plan and run towards Him – He has His arm wide open.

God bless you all,

Chloe M. 

Live Like That…
Sometimes I think
What will people say of me
When I’m only just a memory
When I’m home where my soul belongs

Was I love
When no one else would show up
Was I Jesus to the least of those
Was my worship more than just a song

I want to live like that
And give it all I have
So that everything I say and do
Points to You


     Last night at Winter Jam, Sidewalk Prophets sang this song off their album and it really hit me.  What do we live like?  Do we live so much so that people who we don’t know stop after seeing our actions and wonder what we have that makes us so happy?

     Sometimes it is hard for me to evangelize with words.  I get nervous and worry if I’m going to say the right thing or make a difference.   But with actions, it’s easy.  Per St. Francis, I just have to always speak the Gospel and use words if necessary.  

     When we are gone, and at our funeral, what are people going to say?  That we made a lot of money?  Got good school grades? Always had a funny joke?  Or that we were always a example of what Christ would be if He were still on earth? 
     Now you may think that this message doesn’t apply to you.  Maybe you still go to school, or just work a job, or stay at home.  Believe me, it does apply.  The people who you interact with on a daily basis, even if it just your family, are opportunities for you to show Christ’s love. 
     Christ tells us to love the least of these.  This could be your brother who wakes you up after you had stayed up to late last night just wanting to play a board game with you.  It could be the woman at the store you work out who just isn’t having a very good day.  It could be your mom or dad who needs help around the house that you can give them. 
     We all have opportunities to live like that.  To have our worship mean more than just a song.  Will you?
God bless you all,

Chloe M. 


With the combination of Martin Luther
King Jr. Day on Monday,
a sick day on Wednesday and taking today
off from work (see more on #7), I only worked two days
this week – a.k.a., I feel very lazy.
Today is the March For Life in D.C.!
I went back in 2011 and it
was the experience of a lifetime.  Thank you
to all who are in attendance this year and let’s
pray abortion is stopped in the United States.

I taught my first piano and guitar
lesson yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I was nervous, but I quickly realized that
I not only love music, but I love teaching
music, too!

Which brings me to point four – I have
too many things that I like.  With senior year
fast drawing to a close, I’m trying to get some handle
on what I would possibly like to major in.
But I like too much: I like babies (neonatal nurse),
I like music (music teacher), and I love
writing this blog (English education/ Journalism).  That’s OK, for now I’ll just enjoy
getting to like all of them at once.
To aid in my major decision (no pun
intended) I have decided to rule out
what I don’t want to be.  So far I have
crossed off: Lion tamer, astrophysicist, runway
model and movie director.
Four job choices down, one hundred million
to go.
In other (non-significant) news, I
cut my bangs!  So now I have blunt bangs. 
I am still on the upward climb to
grow out my pixie cut, which feels like it
is taking forever. Anybody have any tips
for growing out hair?  The girl
who cuts my hair keeps trying to get me to
take hair-growth vitamins, but I haven’t
resulted to that……yet.
I am going to Winter Jam tonight with
some youth group friends in Kansas City.
It is going to be an incredible concert:
$10 gets you in the door to see almost ten
contemperary Christian bands, including
TobyMac!  It’ll be an awesome
night, and watch Mady’s blog for
a better update tomorrow, probably
complete with pictures, too.
God bless you all and happy Friday!

Chloe M. 



I’m replaceable.

Yesterday I was sick with a nasty cold/flu hybrid that landed me in bed with a headache the size of a small country.  And I had to call in sick to work.  For the first time.  Ever.

To some, this is no big deal.  But to me, it’s a big deal.  Because I hate letting people down. 

But since I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stand for that long at work and not get sick to my stomach, I called in sick.

Then I crashed in bed from 10:30am to 5:30pm.  By this morning I felt good again, so I went into work and everyone just asked if I was better, and said they were glad I was back.  No one said how crazy it was without me there . 

That was when it hit me:  the world will still turn if I don’t come into work because I’m sick.  Ultimately, I’m replaceable. 

Now here is the catch:  I am replaceable to my place of work.  They can always find another bank teller.  But I am not replaceable to God.  There will never be another Chloe M. exactly like me.  I’m not replaceable to my family.  No one can fill my shoes because there will never be another me.

It’s time I focus on the relationships in which I am irreplaceable versus the work positions that can always be filled by someone else.

God bless you all,

Chloe M .  

 Good morning!  I’m sorry I didn’t post this last night, because I know you all were dying to know how the Catholic Campus Center went.  And I totally would have had it not been for a swollen, throat, a horrible cough, shallow breathing and my eyes glued shut by nasty stuff that doesn’t even have a name.  Yes, it’s flu season.  Yet the flu hit later last night, so I still went to the center.   

But enough about my flu, let’s talk about Sunday night!  I came in a bit early to introduce myself to the director of the center, meet some new people, and get a quick tour of the center.  This all went well, and all involved were incredibly welcoming!  We started the evening off with Mass.  (Which included a homily that I will post about tomorrow.)  We then headed to form teams for the Minute to Win It games.  

The games went very well – hey, you are talking to the fifth place winner here – and were a lot of fun to watch.  I felt like I fit in and wasn’t just the weird and awkward homeschooler.  Who looked like this: –> 
I was the only senior in highschool there and was worried about looking to young in comparison – but half the kids thought I looked old enough that I could be a senior in college – whoa, never got that one before!

The dinner conversations included: “So, which word of the new Mass translation is your favorite?” and “What is the line that you always mess up at during the Angelus?”  (So you know you are hanging out with Catholics when….)

All in all, I met some neat, Catholic people, who I hope to see on campus in the coming year and hang out with at the center regularly.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your prayers and assurance and tips.  They really did help and made the night a success.

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

January 22, 1973.  This is a day that we look on and shake our heads.  “Why?”  We ask ourselves and say a prayer for the 55 million little children who did not get to see this world.  Let’s look at some aspects of abortion, how it affects us, and what we need to do about it. 

In a recent magazine article I read, this guy was saying how he doesn’t like the attitude of those who participate in the March for Life in DC.  He says they’ll do the march, pray, and at the end, turn to the person next to them, smile, and say “See you next year!”  Why are we happy about abortion being legal for another year?  It is because we have settled for abortion, and now think that it will always be legal and we might as well face it.  Don’t.  Look at our nations history!  Almost exactly 150 years ago, slavery was legal in the United States.  Less than a hundred years ago, it was legal to have separate bathrooms for African-Americans and Caucasians.  In the time period in which they occurred, and even looking back on it today, these must have seemed like impossible causes.  Hundreds of thousands of people died to make slavery illegal.  Many died in the civil rights movement.

Every 26 seconds, a baby is killed in what used to be the safest place on earth – his mother’s womb.  Where are the hundreds of thousands of people standing up and saying that this is wrong?  That we are going to do something about it?  Marching for life is one thing, but what about financially supporting your local pregnancy crisis center?  What about being there to talk to your friend who just found out she’s a teen and she’s going to have a baby?  What about standing up for life when you are in a conversation that turns towards justifying abortions? 

Perhaps you a personally opposed to abortion, but you don’t want to enforce your beliefs on someone else.  This is like saying that you know abortion is wrong because it kills babies, but you don’t care if other people kill babies.  It is a contradiction to support a woman’s right to choose an abortion and then say you support a child’s right to live.  The two are opposites. 

We need to make it clear that we not only love babies, but we love their mothers, too.  This isn’t being felt by women though since 28% of abortions are obtained by Catholic women, and that one in every three women will have had at least one abortion by the time they reach their 45th birthday.  (  It seems that there are lot hard decisions to be made regarding hard situations.  What about rape? Incest? Poverty? Health of the mother?  Yes these are tough situations, but we have to see that in each situation, the innocent child who takes the shot for the situation is never to blame.  He/she is a victim of rape, incest, or poverty, but is never to blame for those situations.  If the man who is convicted of rape cannot be legally killed while waiting for a trial, how come the baby who was conceived as an outcome of the rape can be legally killed while waiting to be born?  And in the case of the mother’s health, we still are not allowed to deliberately and directly take innocent human life, no matter what the circumstances

If an unborn is not a human being, than an abortion is nothing more worse than taking out our wisdom teeth.  But if an unborn is a child, created in the image of God, with a soul and a body and a right to live,  then we have no right to kill them simply because it is inconvenient.  And if a baby is not a baby, then why do abortion “doctors” have to re-assemble the body of the child after the abortion to make sure they removed all the parts?  This can easily be answered by pictures, video and sound bites.  Pictures of a baby before and after an abortion adds to the reality of what abortion really is.   Catholic Answers points out that an “ardent pro-choice woman became as pale as a ghost after she agreed to test her beliefs and watch a recording of an abortion in progress.”  Sometimes we don’t realize how evil something is until we see it with our own eyes.

David Bereit, founder of 40 days for Life says, “Each abortion clinic should hang a sign on their door that says, ‘Open with permission of the Christian Church.”  What if every day, at an abortion clinic in your state, Catholics surrounded the clinic and peacefully prayed for the conversion of the workers, the souls of the mother and the child, and the stopping of abortion?  Instead of yelling out that they want abortion to stop, we must come together on our knees.  Catholic Answers says, “Just as the walls of Jericho fellas the Israelites marched around them, so too can abortion facilities close their doors as pro-lifers peacefully, patiently, and prayerfully make a public stand for life. 

Will it be easy?  No.  But JPII says that we must “Be not afraid.”  We must show with love and prayers that we oppose abortion, but that we love babies and their moms.  Steps to take to accomplish this task can be:

   –  Giving of your time, talent and treasure to support local pregnancy support centers and post-
      abortive care centers

   –  Model a life of purity that shows children should be conceived in a relationship between a man
       and a woman who are committed to each other and life in a marriage

   –  Working to pass laws that will restrict abortions

   –  Showing all we know that abortion should not be tolerated in a God-centered civilized nation.

Since 1991, over 1,500 abortion facilities have closed, which is a 70 percent decrease in facilities nationwide.  God’s is the victory, but this does not mean that we are to give up and let God do all the work.  As St. Augustine said, “Pray as though everything depended on God, and act as if everything depended on you.” 

God bless you all and strengthen us in this fight against abortion,

Chloe M. 


One of the funnest (is that a word?) thing to do
when you are sitting around with your friends is to play fictional matchmaker

with the people in your church directory.  A.K.A – what I did
all afternoon with my friends. 


I passed my local Starbucks and realized that their
signs for Holiday Drinks are still up with the words “While
Supplies Last” in big, sharpied words.  So, my lunch break
today will be spent at Starbucks- fingers crossed that they
still have enough supplies for one more Carmel brulee latte.


Our last Christmas party is tonight – yes, we do stretch the Holiday
out pretty well, don’t we?  But it has helped us avoid the Christmas letdown
that you feel after getting done with all the celebrations and
feeling like all that preparation was for one day.  This also means
I can put up one last picture of cute Christmas animals:

OK, now I’m good. 

After all the work on the Roe V. Wade paper, I submitted it this Tuesday
with bated breath and fingers crossed.  Lo and behold, Wednesday morning
brought cries of joy at the A- paper, graded and returned. 
Huzzah! Huzzah!  Ring the Christmas bells!  (What? I still
have them out, remember?)


My courage is slowly gathering for the Catholic Campus Center
visit that is fast approaching.  Thank you to all for the comments and
advice concerning my home school introvert-ness.  That also
broke the record for the most comments on my blog!
I see you like hearing about my nervous breakdowns, eh?


The guy who calls my phone sometimes from work is always the
bearer of good news.  He is a recorded message that automatically
plays on our answering machines when jeans day occurs.
Needless to say, there was one person dancing around the house
shouting “Jeans day! Jeans day!” when he said that it was jeans day
for every remaining Friday in January…and in February! 
So, this picture is of jeans.  Because they look like they are dancing, too.

Tomorrow night, Dad, Mom, Reagan, Grandma, Grandpa and myself
are going to a local Church to hear Phil Keagy in concert.
For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the
most amazing Christian guitar players.  Ever.
Thanks and God Bless you all!
Chloe M. 

Making new friends….

Yes.  Yes, I know.  It’s been since the 9th that I posted.

I do have good excuse(s):

– I am finishing up application for two of my scholarships.

– I finished my essay on Pride and Prejudice

– I started my new job transfer to another bank branch today

– I attended my first law class

– I worked a trivia night

– I went to the gym and did a stinkin’ cardio workout and now it hurts to bend down or walk up stairs.  Stop laughing.

–  I am dying of nervousness.

Let’s expand on last excuse, shall we?   This weekend, my church’s bulletin had an announcement for current college students and seniors planning on attending our local college.   They are having an open house / Mass at the Catholic College Campus Center.  Well, I am  senior in high school and am planning on going to that college, so I defiantly fit the bill.

What is the issue then?  Me.  The home schooled introvert who doesn’t think she does will with new people – especially people she has never met and will probably be spending some time with over the next four years. My ideal day would be this:

Ok, not really this bad, but you get the point.  So I am feeling a bit better beings that the first event of the night is Mass, which I can participate without feeling completely awkward.  Unless I start responding with the old Mass responses.

Then, after Mass, the center is hosting a minute to win it game show activity.  This is also ok, since our youth group has played these games before (see Mady’s blog). 

So then what is the issue?  I am nervous because I don’t know how to make friends.  You may laugh,but I am serious.  The friends that I have now are youth group friends.  I was never the new kid.  And I’ve watched new kids after new kids come into our group and it is awkward.  I hate being the awkward person with no one to talk to, so this might be interesting. 

So, if you are thinking about me this Sunday, send up a prayer for the least-awkward situations to occur.  And if you have any tips on how to not come across as an un-socialized homeschooler, let me know. 

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

Valentine Miniature Handpainted Lovebirds - Perfect Valentine's Day Gift - Hand painted couple

The Match Made in Heaven
Looking at the Original Love Story of Adam and Eve

“The man [Adam] manifests for the first time joy and even exaltation, for which he had no reason before, owing to the lack of being like himself.  Joy in the other human being dominates the words spoke by man on seeing the woman.  All this helps to establish the full meaning of original unity.”
– Pope John Paul II
     Re-read this quote and think about it carefully.  It essentially says that man had no other reason to be this joyful and praise God until woman was created.  All he can say is, “This at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”  In other words, “Wow Lord!  She’s beautiful!  She’s like me, but different!  She’s perfect!” 

     In the garden, we read that Adam and Eve were naked, yet had no shame.  With their bodies they said, “I am yours, giving myself to you freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully.”  When you give yourself to someone this completely, in the setting of a marriage, you are truly naked without shame. 

     Nakedness means exposed, revealed, nothing is hidden.  So Adam and Eve were able to see their failings, struggles, hopes, and fears.  Yet because they were pure, they felt complete trust in one another and in God.  Because they knew each of them wanted the best for one another, they didn’t have to worry about being hurt.

     When they looked at each other, it wasn’t with lust – it was with genuine love.  It was when sin entered the world that lust entered with it.  So instead of looking at each other and seeing the person, they looked at each other and saw the body.  When the soul is mentally separated from the body and one can look at each other with no strings attached commitment-wise, a person is just an object for one’s pleasure.

     Society often fails to look at the whole person instead of just the body.  Movies, soap operas, romance novels, pornography, one night stands and break ups have left both women and men feeling like there is nothing special about them. To begin to change this pattern, we must never forget that God created us with incredible worth.  This is a worth that we must not only see in ourselves, but must also be reflected in the way that we view others.

God bless you all,

Chloe M.