Created As A Helper

     In Genesis 2, God creates woman.  Adam has found that after all the interaction with the animals, not one is suitable as his helper and companion.  So, when Adam is asleep, God takes a rib and made Eve. 

     Eve was created from man and for man.  She was created to be his helper.  After all, the world is a huge place for one person to manage alone.  On top of this fact, calling Eve a “helper” is not derogatory towards women because they are there to help the man.  Rather, it is honoring women because it raises to awareness man’s need for help.
       That’s wonderful, you say, but what about today?  Are women still called to help men.  The answer is simple: YES.  Women are called to help men now, just as they were called to help men at the creation of humankind.  Eve was not created and then told that she was going to have to help Adam – she was created AS a helper for Adam.

     So if we are still to help men, how do we go about doing it?  First, we must conduct ourselves in a sisterly fashion towards them.  This would include: dressing modestly, speaking to them with respect, and not treating them as what they could be potentially.

     “Modesty?! That’s ridiculous.  Boys can look if they want too, but I’m dressing for me, not them.”  This is an argument we hear frequently.  True, boys are responsible for their own actions – aren’t we all? – but we are then responsible for being their stumbling block.  The “I’m dressing for me” comment is a selfish mindset that is supposed to ease one’s conscience.  When we truly love men, we put their spiritual well being in front of what looks “cute” on us.

     What about being respectful?  What about flirting?  When you talk to a young man, he could one day be a lucky girl’s groom.  This might be you…..but it could also be someone else.  Would you be happy if some girl was flirting with your future husband right now?  Would you appreciate her being a stumbling block for your man?  I know I wouldn’t.

     Girls, we have to remember that men are not just what they look like, what they say and what they do.  They are children of God, created with a heart, mind, and soul.  We need to relate to them as such and work on being a help, and not a hinderance to their salvation.  
God Bless you all!

Chloe M. 

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