Everything Inbetween

     Over the Christmas break, Dad and I watched the Tim Tebow movie, Everything Inbetween.  As we watched Tim train, interact with his family, train, talk to fans, train, talk to interviewers, train, and then go train, I was struck by something.

     Tim Tebow doesn’ have a normal “job.”  He doesn’t play football on the weekends, then go to the office Monday thru Friday.  He is focused on football (and God!).  Football is his passion.  It is also his career, and more importantly – it’s his response to God to follow his vocational path.

     Most of us don’t have something like this.  Most of us feel like we have a passion, a job, and a vocation – all separated into their neat little piles.  Very few of us can say that our vocation, job, and passion are rolled into one activity.

     Stay-at-home moms have this though.  Their passion is their children, their job is their children’s well-being, and their vocation is their motherhood.   But if you, like me, are just a young adult trying to find his/her place in the world, what are we to do to find the joy found in passion, jobs, and vocations?

     We can find a solution in Saint Therese’s Little Way.  In this path, we do everything we do for the glory of God.  We offer everything up.  Don’t want to go into work today?  Offer up your time to God and see what he can do with it.  In this way, our job becomes a way to fulfill our vocation, and our sacrificing for the Lord becomes a passion that draws us closer to him.

     Does this realization mean that I wish I could go play football everyday and not work a conventional job?  Going to have to go with a “No” on that one.  I’ll stick with my regular jobs right now, and leave the football to Tim Tebow – I’m pretty sure he can handle it. 
God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

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