Merry Christmas!

We’re recounting 2012, chockfull of blessings!
As we eat our filling of turkey and dressings,
Wondering how do we wrap up this year grand and merry?
We’ll start with the things back in January!

Taking a break from our yelling and messes
Dad’s training for BNSF took him to Texas
So as he talked with financial directors,
Kale and Liam were our house protectors.
February left us all in tears.
We lost our guinea pig of less than a year.
Mr. Knightly left us at such a young age
Now Mr. Darcy happily rules the cage.

March marks the month where we decided
To give back to the city – we’re all so excited!
Volunteering at Let’s Help once a month
Folding all their clothes and sorting their junk (I mean stuff.) 

April!  A month that went by in a whirl.
God blessed us with a baby girl!
Sofia Laboure Mooradian is here;
You’ve heard her screams throughout the year.
May brought a trip to the Omaha zoo
Which was lots of fun through and through
Visiting island where monkeys roam,
Some of our family felt right at home.
Kale picked up a new sport in June
He played baseball in the afternoon.
We learned of our rights and how much we need them,
At rallies for Religious freedom!

July – should have bought a stock in sunscreen
Plus Reagan entered the ranks being a teen
Lots of pool time provided for relief
In all of the record-breaking heat!

August, as the heat remained,
We all worked on our tennis game!
Our life expectancy took a dive
As Madysen continued to learn how to drive. 

September must be the month where stars of talent glow,
The oldest three and a friend won second place at the Mother Teresa Talent Show!
As the end of the month came our way,
We had fun with homeschoolers at our field day.

October left Kale and Liam yet again in command.
As Dad’s business trip took him to a Canyon that’s grand.
And the month would not be complete without
Apple butter and a fall campout.

November brought with it Thanksgiving,
We’re very happy for the life that we’re living!
Essays and letters, test scores all around,
Now that Chloe is soon college bound!

Now here is December!  This great time of the year!
We are all so happy because in our lives, you are here!
With Christ’s birthday party in sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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