Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves.

     Before I start to talk about the above mentioned topic, let me first apologize for my lack of posting.  I sincerely try, but Christmas keeps pulling me away!  So here is my thoughts on sheep and such:

     There are three kinds of people in this world.  Ninety percent of us are sheep.  They are those who don’t look for or want trouble, but are content to graze through life.  They are mentally unable to hurt anyone intentionally and violence though life is accidental. 

     Then there are wolves.  They are humans who reside on this earth who have no conscience and have no issues with hurting innocent people.  Violence is the best answer and the consequences of their actions are generally last thought in the process.  These are those who have appeared in the news as the perpetrators of the shootings in the movie theatre in Colorado, the school shooting in Newtown, and the various daily shootings and violence throughout our nation and world.

     The last type of person is a sheep-dog.  He has the ability to harm others – he does have fangs after all, but he or she uses that ability for protection for others.  These are our police men, soldiers, concealed gun carriers, home land security and aware and concerned citizens who are always ready to help when a situation presents itself. 

      Sheep hate sheepdogs.  They remind them that their is danger to be protected from.  Sheepdogs also look a lot like wolves sometimes.  It does not help that some wolves go under the disguise of wolves – such as politicians who promise to help and don’t, or cops who misuse their authority.

     What are you?  Here is an easy way to evaluate where you stand.  In flight 93 on September 11th, there were the three categories.  The wolves were obviously high jacking the plane.  They are easy to spot as they prey on the weak and have no problem with mass killings.  On the ground, there were sheep and sheepdogs.  The sheep said, “Thank you, God, that I am not on that plane.”  The sheepdogs said, “God, I wish I was on that plane so I could have made more of a difference.”

     Sheep?  Sheepdog?  Wolf?  Where do you rank and how do you feel about that ranking?  Perhaps it is time to take a stand against the wolves and be strong for our family, our country, and our faith.      MERRY CHRISTMAS!  God bless you and your family this season and always remember why we celebrate this most wonderful time of the year!

Chloe M. 

For more on this topic and to read the article, read here


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