The Heart of Christmas
“Live while you can.  Cherish each moment.  The ones that you love, make sure they know it.  And don’t miss this…the heart of Christmas.” 

– Matthew West, The Heart of Christmas
     These words ring louder than ever in light of the tragedy in Newtown.  Yet they also ring true closer to home.

     This year is possibly the last year for Christmas with our family all under the same roof.  Cherish each moment.

     This year, twenty-six families will have just put a loved one to rest.  Make sure the people who you love know that you love them.

     Our life is so short.  We have to make each moment count and live each moment to the fullest.  This cannot be used as an excuse for immorality – such as the popular YOLO (you only live once) slogan used to make sinning “OK” because you never know when you won’t be around.  This means taking this time that we have been given as a gift by God to work to be a saint.
     The heart of Christmas is a celebration of the fact that Christ came down to the earth and became a helpless baby lying in a manger.  This Christmas, admit hat you can do nothing without God’s help.  Humble yourself as Christ did and experience the true meaning of Christmas. 

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