Was this God’s plan?

Twenty six victims.  Twenty of them are just little kids.  There are twenty little kids who will not come home from school again to tell their parents about their day.  There are countless presents under the tree that won’t be opened by the little hands who they were meant for.  Where is God when this happens?  Did He leave these kids when they needed Him most because America has taken God out of school?
     Was it God’s plan that a twenty year old guy should come in a shoot up a school?  No.  But just because it wasn’t in His plan does not mean that He cannot use it to His greatest glory.  I know He is also greatly saddened by the loss of life, taken away from the littlest of His children.

     It is always hard to think that a God who loves us could let this happen.  And it is always hard to know what to say about this type of incident.  Yet another challenge is tackling the issue of gun control – an issue that becomes discussed rampantly when tragedies such as this happen.
     Is the answer to take away the guns?  No.  Why?  Because guns kill people like pencils misspell words.  It’s not the gun – it’s the person who pulls the trigger.  The concern should be over the people, and not the guns they are carrying.
     My heart aches for the families of the victims at this shooting.  Please keep them in your prayers as they go through their first  Christmas without a loved one.

     God bless you all,
Chloe M. 

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