Sponsor a friendMeet Allison
She is one year old and she lives in Mexico.  Although she is still very little, her parents say she is very smart and observant.  Her mother works as a housewife and her father makes shoes.  Struggling to pay the rent and save back for Allison’s future schooling, her family applied to Christian Foundation for Children and Aging to set up a sponsorship for Allison.

     Today I adopted Allison.  Well, I can’t bring her home to live with me, but I’m going to be able to sponsor her each month to make sure she gets the proper food, schooling, and learns about Christ.

     Do you sponsor a child?  What program do you go through?  Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child?  Let me know in the comments below!
God bless you all,

Chloe M.   

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