He can take your broken heart and put it all together.

     If you reflected on your life, I’m sure there are a lot of happy times.  New siblings, great test scores, college acceptance letters, first day on a great job, new pets, and weddings.  I’m sure there are also some bad times.  Deaths in the family, physical injuries, not getting on the team, being teased by someone you love, and sins you regret.

 If you put them all in one pile, there you have the story of your life.  Bad parts and good parts alike, they have formed and made and shaped you.  In the words of Cotton, they are the “fabric of our lives.”  And what can

with this pile?  Sometimes it seems impossible to sort out and other times it seems like it is going to engulf us.  Yet God can work miracles out of our messes (thank goodness!)  All we have to do is give the pile over to him.

     Our kid’s devotional tonight was saying that our lives are like one big quilt.  God puts together this quilt based on our life.  Everyone sins and everyone makes mistakes, but if we give God everything, He can make a beautiful quilt using all the fabric we give Him. 

     The material we give Him might not be the ideal material for what He had planned the quilt to look like.  Yet nothing is impossible for God! 

     This advent, don’t let the season pass with the guilt of bad fabric on your conscience.  Make a point to go to confession and be free of the sin on your soul so that you can celebrate Christmas with the true joy of the knowledge that your soul is as white as the snow outside.

     God bless you all!

Chloe M. 


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