This Place is Trying to Break Our Belief

     I know.  It’s depressing.  And infuriating.  And heart crushing.  And it makes you want to crawl into the fetal position and give up.  Don’t.  
     It is hard to think “It doesn’t matter who the president is, Christ is still king of kings.”  It’s challenging to think “I still respect this man because he is my president.”  But we are Christians before we are Americans.  And this is not our home.

     It is easy to think “Let’s just get out.  I’m sick of it.”  And thoughts that come to mind are “Forget it.  This isn’t even worth my time anymore.”  But we are Christians.  And we have to work on practicing fortitude and perseverance.  

     It’s a challenge to not think “I can’t even stand with my fellow Christians, who voted for this man even though he doesn’t even stand for common morals.”  But we are Christians.  And the small, purer, remnant Church is stronger than churches full of people who are afraid to put words into action.

     Stay strong.  Our hope is in the Lord, who neither sleeps nor slumbers.  God isn’t governed by poll numbers, electoral votes, or public opinion.  God is always there.  All we have to do is make Him our top priority in this life.

     Thoughts?  Comments?  PRAYERS!

God Bless,

Chloe M.  


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