Different Direction?  Update on prayer request.

     As learned yesterday night, Grandpa will not be getting a pace maker or surgery.  The tests they have run show that the arteries are not blocked in any way. 

     The only thing we are worried about now is a small blood spot on his brain.  Originally we thought it occurred when he had fallen, but now there is suspicion that the blood on the brain caused the heart incident. 

     Beings that nothing is wrong now and his heart is behaving normally, we think they will release him today after lunch.

     Please keep him in your prayers still, though.  I’ll let you know if anything else comes up or if all goes as planned.

     Thank you for all of your prayers – they really are appreciated!

God Bless,

Chloe M. 

***Just heard – they ordered a MRI and are hoping to get results tonight. ***



     Quick update on some new information we got this morning.  The doctor thinks that Grandpa had an Adams-Stokes attack last night. 

     An Adams-Stokes attack consists of the heart dropping down to low beats per minute, and the lack of blood often causes fainting.  It can leave the patient feeling clammy, and forgetful of the situation.  Because the heart beat is irregular, and it can (and did) result in a heart block.  Grandpa’s heart block is small enough that the doctors don’t think it’ll be an issue. 

     Here is what we have found out about Adams-Stokes:

  • There is collapse, usually without warning.
  • Loss of consciousness is usually between about 10 and 30 seconds.
  • Pallor, followed by flushing on recovery, can be reported.
  • Some seizure-like activity sometimes occurs if the attack is prolonged.  (this didn’t occur in Grandpa)
  • If anyone manages to check the pulse during an episode, it will be slow, usually less than 40 beats per minute.
  • Typically, complete (third-degree) heart block is seen on the ECG during an attack but other ECG abnormalities such as tachy-brady syndrome have been reported
  • They are not posture-related.
  •      Adams-Stokes is usually experienced by older males who take medication for cholestreral or blood pressure (both of which Grandpa takes) and is easily treated with a pace-maker.

         We think they’ll take him in for pace-maker surgery today, and I’ll definatly keep all updated on the results of the surgery.

         I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers.
    God Bless!
    Chloe M.   


         We have been texting back and forth with Mom, who is still at the hospital with Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.  She has told us that the doctor thinks all Grandpa will need is a pace maker and recovery time.  The surgery will probably be tomorrow. 

         He is suffering slight amnesia due to the fall.  He can’t remember exactly what happened, but other than that he seems to be doing fine.

         Please keep us all in your prayers still.  I’ll update the blog if we hear anything else – and tell you the results of tomorrows surgery.

         Thank you so much for all your prayers!  God bless you all.
    Chloe M. 


    Just got news from my Grandma – when she got home from work tonight, Grandpa was passed out on the floor.  She called 911, and they came and saw his heart beat was at 50 bpm, and that his limbs were cold.  They were able to get him to talk.   They loaded him up on the ambulance and are taking him to the hospital right now.


    I’ll keep you updated. 

    He can take your broken heart and put it all together.

         If you reflected on your life, I’m sure there are a lot of happy times.  New siblings, great test scores, college acceptance letters, first day on a great job, new pets, and weddings.  I’m sure there are also some bad times.  Deaths in the family, physical injuries, not getting on the team, being teased by someone you love, and sins you regret.

     If you put them all in one pile, there you have the story of your life.  Bad parts and good parts alike, they have formed and made and shaped you.  In the words of Cotton, they are the “fabric of our lives.”  And what can

    with this pile?  Sometimes it seems impossible to sort out and other times it seems like it is going to engulf us.  Yet God can work miracles out of our messes (thank goodness!)  All we have to do is give the pile over to him.

         Our kid’s devotional tonight was saying that our lives are like one big quilt.  God puts together this quilt based on our life.  Everyone sins and everyone makes mistakes, but if we give God everything, He can make a beautiful quilt using all the fabric we give Him. 

         The material we give Him might not be the ideal material for what He had planned the quilt to look like.  Yet nothing is impossible for God! 

         This advent, don’t let the season pass with the guilt of bad fabric on your conscience.  Make a point to go to confession and be free of the sin on your soul so that you can celebrate Christmas with the true joy of the knowledge that your soul is as white as the snow outside.

         God bless you all!

    Chloe M. 


    Consuming Fire

         “Mary by a singular privilege granted to no other saint, loved, and was always actually loving God, in every moment of her life, with such ardor, that St. Bernard declares, it required a continued miracle to preserve her life in the midst of such flames.” –St. Alphonsus di Liguori, The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books: 1978), 411.

         In other words, the Blessed Mother was in a constant state of serving and loving God.  Likewise, God was in a constant state of loving Mary.  So it took a constant miracle for Mary to not simply be consumed by the fire of God’s love!

         In   preparation in anticipation for the coming of Christ.  Let’s not waste the time being consumed by material matters.


    God Bless!

    Chloe M. 

    A Different Kind of King

         What kind of rulers, kings and people in control do you know of?  Ones that come to mind could be King Henry the Eighth, King Louis the Fourteenth,  Nero, Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, etc.  The rulers we tend to remember are rulers who control everything and are sometimes not so great at their job.

         The idea of monarchy is foreign to Americans.  After all, we were founded on an overthrowing of monarchy in this nation.  So our thoughts of kings might not be so high.  What are your thoughts then, when we celebrate the feast of Christ the King?

          Are we ready to give Christ control of everything?  We might be wary of this after being burnt by the idea of kings.  Yet Christ isn’t this kind of king.  He is a king of truth.  But in the words of Caesar, “What is truth?”
         We search and hunt and yearn for truth.  In the world we live in though, truth is sometimes far and in between.  Christ, though, is the ultimate truth and the ultimate King.  He doesn’t abuse His people, He loves them.

         If Christ is truly the king, we must then be completely loyal subjects and give our WHOLE lives to Him. 

         Enjoy this last week before the season of Advent starts!  It’s time to dedicate our lives to the King of kings.
    God Bless!

    Chloe M. 


    Be Thankful for EVERYTHING

         Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you had an awesome time to spend with friends and family and just being thankful for everything that God has blessed you with.

         Just wanting to leave you with a quick post tonight – this week as been crazy, to put it lightly – I’ve been having to cover shifts at work for the holiday season, so by Sunday I will have worked forty hours.  In other words, I’m drained.  But, I am incredibly thankful for not one but two amazing jobs that I love.  Yet this forty hours has kicked me hard, and I have to go finish an essay on Jane Eyre. 
         Quick thought:  Today’s Gospel reading had the ten lepers cured, but only one came back to thank Christ for the cure.  Ten percent.  How many times do we really truly thank God for the amazing things He does in our life….about ten percent?  This advent, let’s work on bringing that percent up by a lot.
         Thank you Lord, for EVERYTHING.
    God bless and have an awesome rest of your thanksgiving!

    Chloe M. 

    Christian Cussing or Christians Cursing?

            Cussing….or Cursing?  Believe it or not, they are actually two different things.  I know there are a lot of Christians who cuss.  But did you know there are even more Christians who curse?  Including me!

         Let me explain.  When we cuss, we use $#%&# language.  When we curse, we take value away from something.  Cursing is the opposite of blessing (which means to build something up).  So when we curse things and people, we are verbally tearing them down.  That would include complaining about someone at work, or yelling at a sibling for something trivial.

         How about cussing?  In our family, we don’t say “Shut up” or “Stupid” or “Dumb” when talking about a person.  Because it tears them down.  People we know think this is pretty weird, because when they say “Stupid” we automatically say. “Stop saying the bad S word!”  They do a double take and they say, “I didn’t say that!”  To which we reply, “You say s-t-u-p-i-d (spelling it out)!”  They just sigh and shake their head.  Right Ria? 🙂  

         Cussing is a stumbling block for me.  I’m saddened when Christians cuss.  Why?  Because it doesn’t make me think they are Christian in the best sense of the word.  That is not to say that Christians who cuss aren’t Christians.  Nor is it to say that Christians are perfect.  It’s to say that we are called to be different from this world and cussing is of the world.

         Advent is coming up!  How about we give up cussing AND cursing as a birthday gift for the Lord?  What do you say?  Join me?  Let me know in the comments below!
    God Bless,

    Chloe M. 



           From Ria’s Blog

    Sr. Elizabeth Ann, a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist just sent out the following:

    Last night, my sister told me that a good friend of hers just found out that the child she’s carrying is severely disabled, and her friend is beginning to think that abortion is the best option. Her friend doesn’t think she can handle parenting a disabled child, and, of course, her doctors & everyone else is recommending termination. Please pray that she will have all the grace, strength and courage she needs to choose life. These next two weeks are crucial, as she has to decide by the time the child is 18 weeks. If you have a prayer chain or other intercessors you can send this to, that would be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless you.