What would you do
Lessons from the Cristeros

     Tonight I caught up with the rest of the world and watched For Greater Glory.  I am ashamed I didn’t watch it earlier, but I hate going to violent movies in the movie theater because I can’t cry shamelessly in a theater.

     As Blessed Jose was being martyred, a thought that came to me as I was sitting there, crying.  But I wasn’t crying because Blessed Jose was dying.  I was crying out of sheer joy and awe that a fourteen year old boy could cry out to God in his pain.  As this young boy was being tortured he was crying and heart-wrenching-ly sobbing out to his Heavenly Father!  Even though all the pain, he knew God had a plan.

     What would I do?  What would we all do? What if Catholicism and religion were outlawed in the United States and people were dying for continuing to practice their faith?  What would I do?

     Would I be able to risk my life by supporting a rebellion?  Would I fight for my faith physically or spiritually?  Would I be able to die and know that man can kill the body but can’t kill the soul?  Would I have the courage to be a martyr?

     God grant me the courage!  We have to be able to understand that even though our life on here may be very blessed, it is nothing in comparison for the beauty that God has in store for His faithful children.  


God protect and bless you all,

Chloe M.  

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