The Church Welcomes a New Teen Saint!

     This weekend, Pope Benedict canonized a new teen saint!  We don’t know very much about Saint Pedro Calunsgod, but his sainthood reminds us of the importance of youth as a witness to the Catholic Church.

     Saint Pedro, an eighteen year old young man, helped the Jesuit missionaries in the pacific, including his native island of the Visayas. 

     He was on a trip to Guam with Father Diego Luis de San Vitores with about thirty to thirty-five other lay people.  He was contemplating entering into the religious life, so he had been selected to travel with Father Diego to see the life of a missionary. 

     Many of the companions are unknown and unnamed, but we know Pedro’s name because he was with Father Vitores when he died. 

     The day was April 2, 1672.  Father Vitores had just baptized the baby of the Chamorro Chief, without the chief’s knowledge or consent.  After he learned about his daughter’s baptism, the chief attacked the lay people, killing them all.

     Pedro has only been on the road to sainthood since 1994.  Pope John Paul II’s quote, “to raise up new models of holiness for the people of our time.”  was brought to mind by Catholic News Service.  

     Saint Pedro Calunsgod….pray for us!

God Bless,

Chloe M. 


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