The Search for the Perfect Guy

     While at a youth event this summer, I loved the opportunity of small group reflection.  We’d get a bunch of girls together and talk about what we loved about the day and what we were struggling with.  When our youth leader asked us if we were struggling with anything, one girl raised her hand.

     “Guys.  I find it incredibly hard to focus on God when there are all these Catholic guys around.  Back at home, I don’t interact with this many people of my faith, and the fact that the guys around here believe in the same thing as I do makes them pretty distracting.”  When I walked into our morning sessions, I’d look around and see all these Catholic teens, and it gave me an amazing sense of unity.  Here we are. And we all believe in the same thing, and we are here to learn more.

     So, I would label guys as “potentials.”  He’d be a nice guy to meet.  That guy would be a good friend.  Now he would make a great husband.

      This might sound really shallow to guys, but here is the thing.  While guys are visually wired, girls are emotionally wired.  So while a guy struggles with an immodestly dressed girl, a girl struggles with jumping ahead to a wedding day in her mind when she looks at a guy – and doesn’t even know his name!

     It wasn’t until Adoration on the second to last day of the event that I got myself together.  Because when the priest brought out the Holy Eucharist, Christ in the Monstrance literally took my breath away.  And this is why: For that first day of the conference, I had struggled with mentally trying to find the “perfect guy.”  The handsome, polite, chivalrous, young Catholic guy who I would hope to one day marry.  Why?  Because there is perfect love out there, and I want to participate in that love. 
     But I had failed, because there in Adoration I realized that the perfect guy was there and he already loved me in a more perfect love than any guy there could give me! 

     There in Benediction I sat there and just was surrounded by the beautiful love of my God!  THE perfect guy.  I didn’t have to “work” to get his attention or affection.  He had loved me since the day I was born and even though I had forgotten Him, He was still there, waiting, and still loving me!

So while I had sat in the conference, wondering how it was going to be when  I was older and I wasn’t alone, and had a husband, it hit me.  I am not alone.  I have never been alone.  And I will never be alone.  Christ loves me!  And that is one of the most comforting factor in my life. 

     Even more so, if God calls me to the vocation of marriage and introduces my future husband into my life when I am ready for marriage, Christ still is the greatest lover in my life.  And He should matter more than anything, or anyone, else. 

     So here is to God:  The perfect guy, the perfect lover, the perfect God. 

Thoughts or comments? Let me know in the comment box below!

God bless,

Chloe M. 

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  1. Perfectly stated. I don't really have anything to add; what more needs to be said? If God does call your to the married life, your husband will be abundantly blessed to be loved by a wife who loves Christ above all else. God bless!


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