What’s a Catholic to do?
My thoughts on the presidential election

Tonight I watched the Presidential debate.  I really enjoyed the town-hall set up of things, and I drew some good points from the debate.

Here are my thoughts.  Catholics wonder who to vote for.  I would love to be old enough to vote – missed it by just nine months this presidential term vote.  But if I were to vote, here are my thoughts:

1) Obama has supported a woman’s right to abortion. Obama has supported legalizing gay marriage.

2) The Catholic Church knows that abortion is a moral evil. The Catholic Church does not support homosexual marriages.

3) I’m a Catholic. So I side with my mother Church. So I (would) vote for Romney.

In my dad’s words:

“As I think about this week’s Mass readings and the upcoming election I have come to conclusion. Those Roman Catholics who voted for President Obama and are going to do so this year, you are spiritually dishonest. President Obama is pro-abortion, pro gay marriage and pushed the HHS Mandate on the Catholic Church(some Protestants also). So how do you sit in Mass every Sunday and listen to teachings that you personally oppose. Hypocrite comes to mind. The Church doesn’t force you to stay. Their are 30,000 denominations that preach your values. You obviously aren’t worried about obedience. The Roman Catholic Church isn’t a democracy. Never will be. So don’t continue being luke warm. Either you are obedient to the Church or you are not. Your souls are at stake.”
What are your thoughts on the presidential election?

God bless you all!

Chloe M. 

2 thoughts on “

  1. Romney isn't the only choice you could make that would be with our faith. There are other candidates that never get commercialized and such. Do some research and check out the other cadidates. I am planning to vote since I am now of age and I voting for one of the other unheard of cadidates.


  2. I do agree that there are very moral canidates – but one less vote for Romney is one more vote for Obama. And although I would love to support a canidate with a Catholic morals, the unknown canidates are not going to get the presidency.

    It comes down to getting Obama out of office, so voting for Romney is a good vote.

    I DO have to thank you for voting! That's awesome – can't wait for one more year when I can do more concerning elections that just talking about it! 🙂


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