How to Save a Life

On how a movie can change
your awareness.

The Movie

     Last night I watched the movie To Save a Life.  It has been around since 2009, so nothing new, production-wise.  It had an amazing message, though.
     In freshman year, Jake, the star basketball player, had given up his friendship with Roger, “the social outcast” once the cool crowd picked him up.  Fast forward to senior year and Roger comes to school with a gun and commits suicide.
     Jake feels incredibly guilty about Roger’s death and vows to make a difference in the life of other kids who have been rejected.  Amidst Jake’s own life falling apart, he is able to make a life changing difference in his school.
     An incredibly good message, yet I have to preface this with the fact that I watched this movie on my
clearplay DVD player, and some objectionable things were cut out.  The movie is rated PG-13 and it deals with a lot of heavy topics (to see if it is things you are comfortable watching, read this review .)

How do you interact with others?

     After watching this movie, I thought: “Well, I’m OK.  I don’t do that stuff.  I’m actually pretty good compared to them.”  There in lies the issue.  Because by comparing myself to others, I usually forget to look at myself. 
     Without going into detail, I found some things that I have done and some things I chose not to do.  I found some people that I treated like Christ, and others whom I did not.  I saw my life from the outside, and some things can change. 
     How about you?  Do you interact with people so that they know you are a Christian?  If you go to school, do you make it a point to sit by the kid who is alone every day?  Do you avoid going to parties because it will involve illegal drinking?  Is the way you live your life the proof of God’s love to others?
We are the light of the world, a city on a hill, the salt of the earth, and God’s hands and feet to the world…

…..we have to make sure we are acting like it. 

Thoughtts or comments?
Let me know in the box below.
God bless you all,

Chloe M.   

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