Prepare Your Kleenex…
….talking about sad movies.

I have been watching a lot of good Christian movies lately.  Which makes me quite happy that the film industry has gone to the point of making some great movies recently.  Yet they have all been tear-jerkers. 
     Although, you have to know that I can get emotional pretty easily, so my tear-rating of a movie is highly-inaccurate for those who don’t cry easily.  Yet I wanted to share with you some of the movies that I have watched recently that are excellent.

Movie #1: October Baby
Film quality: Excellent
Acting: Excellent
Subject Content: 13 +
Tearful Scenes: 3 (for me)

This is an excellent movie.  It is about Hannah, a college freshman who is having a lot of health problems.  She discovers that she is the survivor of a failed abortion and she goes on a trip and spiritual journey to find her birth mother – and the rest of the story of the abortion.  Another thing this movie has going for it is chock-full of amazing music.  I have learned three of the songs on guitar so far, and would love to learn them all.  Unfortunately, the soundtrack is only available in MP3 downloads, leaving me eagerly awaiting the hopeful release of a CD.  

 #2: Grace card 
Film Quality:  Good
Acting: Good
Subject Content: 13 +
Tearful Scenes: 2 (for me)

We received this movie from one of Dad’s co-workers.  The story line follows the emotional and spiritual journey of Mack, a father who lost his five year old son to a hit and run, drug-related incident over seventeen years ago.  The movie deals with content such as racial prejudice, (one half-uttered racial slur is used)   medical trauma, police drama and forgiveness   It carries with it an amazing message and made me realize how little my life troubles really are.  

Movie #3:  Saving Winston
Film Quality: So-So
Acting: So-So
Subject Content: 12 +
Tearful Scenes: None for me 

Filled with actors and actresses you will be familiar with if you watched Come What May,  Saving Winston was a new take on a horse story.  Ashley is a troubled teen with a drug abusive past and an emotionally abusive boyfriend.  After she is found guilty of breaking and entering, she goes to live with her aunt.  After finding a horse who is struggling as much as she is, she is able to learn about responsibility and Christianity.  The film quality to the movie is a step above home video, but still in the low-budget genre feeling.  Very good message though, and it was refreshing to see Ashley’s transformation.

Movie #4: God or the Girl
Film Quality: Excellent
Acting: Reality TV Show
Subject Content 13 + 
Tearful Scenes: 1 (for me)

This four episode reality TV show from 2006 follows four young men who are discerning priesthood.  They are: Joe, a 28 year old who has been questioning a calling to priesthood since age 18.  Dan, a 23 year old who belongs to a Catholic fraternity and ministers to youth.  Steve, a FOCUS missionary who travels to Guatemala.  Mike, a man who must decide between the girlfriend and the seminary.  It is very good, I loved being able to walk through the vocational discernment of these young men.  If you have seen the movie and what to know what happened to each of the young men, I have done some research and know what has happened to all  four.  If you would like to know, tell me in the comments below.

To Watch List:  Movies I would love to see:      

Have you seen any of the movies I have seen recently?  Have you seen any of the movies on my “to see” list?  Let me know in the comment box below!

God Bless,

Chloe M.  


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