The Best Big Brother Ever

To Those with Big Brothers:

     I’m jealous.  Really I am.  I am the oldest in a family of eight kids, and one of the things I have always wanted is a big brother.  I have seen how the big brothers of my friends are protective over their little sisters, and I’m green with envy.  I don’t have someone who is there to protect me against mean comments, other guys, and encourages me when I need someone to listen to me.  
     What is crazy is that the girls who I talk to who have big brothers wish they didn’t have them.  “They are so annoying! They pick on me and are just weird and rude.”  I guess that big brothers are the kind of thing that you don’t want when you have them, and you want them when you don’t have them.

What I want in a big brother
 I would love a guy who loved me because of who I was, not who I looked like.  I would love a guy who was protective and was always looking out for my best interests.  I would love a guy who  I could turn to for advice on what he had already gone through.  
     I know that this might be a highly romanticized version of a big brother, but this is what I’ve always dreamed of.  I’ve shared this with my Mom, (who grew up always wanting a big brother, too), and she said I do have a big brother.  Jesus.  

The Ultimate Big Brother
Looking at my list of what I would want my big brother to be, I find a lot of similarities.  


     1)  I would love a guy who would love me for who I am, not what I look like:
 Well, Christ has seen me through thick and thin, beautiful and not so great looking,  and still loves me.  He loves me when I have walked away from Him, and He loves me when I come running back to Him.  Unconditionally, He is always there.     


     2)  I would love a guy who is protective of me and always looks out for my best interests:  Christ protects me from a lot of things that I cannot see.  He sends His protection in forms of the sacraments and graces that strengthen me against the enemy – Satan.  He never has anything but my best interests in mind and always wants me to succeed in my spiritual life so I can be with Him in Heaven one day.  

     3)  I would love a guy who could give me advice on what He’d already been through:  This is the beauty of Christianity.  We believe that Christ came down to earth, took the form and nature of a human, while still retaining His divine nature, and went through everything we go through (except sin.).  He can give me advice on what I’m going through.  He knows what it is liked to not be popular, to have someone like you for what you can do for them, to have to stand for the truth, and to sacrifice everything for God.  And He leaves all His advice in a convenient location – The Bible – so that I can turn to Him in prayer and in the Word whenever I need help.  

In Conclusion….
     So, I have a great big brother – the best big brother! He loves me, looks out for me, and is always there for me to talk to Him.  I can even go to adoration and hear Him whisper that He loves me.  

Do you have a big brother? Are you a big brother?  Do you look to Christ as a big brother?  Let me know in the comments below!

God Bless you all,

Chloe M.  

One thought on “

  1. Loving this post.

    I don't have an actual biological big brother, but my older sister's boyfriend is kind of like our big brother.

    Christ as a big brother? I haven't actually thought of it that way before. I actually have thought of the saints as my big brothers and sisters, more than I have thought of Christ as. But you are right, Christ is the perfect big brother.

    God bless,


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