Modesty – a labor of love

Modesty is Tough
  If you are a young woman who is concerned with modesty, you know what a challenge modesty can be in today’s world.  
     You know the seemingly endless time at the store, searching for something that actually resembles clothing.
     Modesty to us brings about thoughts of closets full of camisoles for layering, leggings, and endless cardigans.  So after we pull our hair out on how to layer and lengths of skirts, we have to realize that modesty. is. worth. it.

     Here’s why:

Modesty shows who you are, not what you look like
      Modesty shows that a woman is not an object.  She is a child of God!  You are God’s daughter, and you have dignity that deserves to be honored as such.

Modesty isn’t as “unfashionable” as you think it is.
      Perhaps modesty is avoided because you may think that it is impossible to be fashionable and modest.  Not true!  With adjustments, even trends can be modified to become modest.  It is always worth the time to find a modest outfit than to settle for anything less.

Modesty attracts the RIGHT kind of guy
       Some girls dress to impress guys….but if you have to dress immodestly to catch a guy’s eye, what kind of guy are you attracting?

The Blessed Mother is Modest
   There is no better form of flattery than imitation.  Mary is the most beautiful woman that has ever walked this earth, where can we find a better role model?

It is respectful to our Brothers in Christ
After picking the brain of my Dad (who I use as my “filter” for my closet) I can claim only a small grasp on a guys mind.  But I do know this – men are visual, and modesty guards our hearts and their eyes.  

One doesn’t need to show your body to show your beauty
You are beautiful because you are a child of God, and made in His image.  You are beautiful because you possess human dignity.  Your clothes should reflect that beauty!

What are your thoughts on modesty? I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject! Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks and God Bless,

Chloe M.

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